What travel hacks have saved you a lot of money?

Share your experience, please :)

I have vacation one time an year so I prefer not to save money on the rest. But one tip I know, it is to book tickets in advance, and they are cheaper in this case. Last time we were in Barselona, great city! We had amazing rest here. I found great apartments Lugaris Rambla https://www.lugaris.com/en/lugaris-rambla-2-5-people-premium/ they are only 300 m from the beaches of Mar Bella and Bogatell. Great place! If you don't know where to go, I recommend this variant!​

Some tips I can share:
- Don't book your tickets or visa through a travel agent
- don't stay at hotels
- Get a good travellers or credit card and use it to pay and purchase anything possible
- Don't always eat at the fancy restaurant
- Don't take Taxi everywhere
- Don't keep most of your cash visible
- Don't eat at the airports

Awesome tips! Have you ever tried to order transfer? I would suggest you find a good service that provides car rentals and transfer bookings. It will save you some money. Besides, it would be perfect if this service works all around the world.?


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