Using social media in China?

I'm going to China soon for a solo vacation. I was wondering if I could use my social media while in the country. I've heard from a friend who went to a romance tour in China that all their social media platforms were blocked. Is this actually true??I'll mainly be staying in Beijing, but I'd be spending some time in the province too. I don't really mind if I can't use my social media account, I just want to know if that's really not allowed since I might be updating my friends and family of what I'm up to. ?Most of the time I'll be using Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram. I also have other messaging tools like Viber and WhatsApp. I just want to know what other apps or sites are blocked in China just so I can prepare alternatives in case I really need it. It would be really nice if you guys could give me answers. Thanks.?


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