How many days should I stay in Costa Rica?

Next on my bucket list is to travel to Costa Rica for a few days but spending for the regular fare and my own accommodations is a tad expensive for me. Right now, I'm trying to figure out how long I should be staying mostly because of budget restraints. I've heard that tour options are a great way to save money on international travel. I have a cousin who attended an international romance tour, and he told me that it was significantly cheaper that paying for the entire thing himself.

I'm considering looking into a travel agency to help me arrange this trip. But now my concern is, how many days should I stay in Costa Rica? My cousin told me that 5 days was enough to see what needs to be seen, but I have the feeling that I might want to extend my stay a bit longer. I have the option to extend my stay, but I need some opinions on how many days exactly is enough for me to enjoy and tour around the beautiful country without wasting any money. Any advice?


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