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Hi, it was my dream to buy a home in Los Angeles. Now, it is going to be a reality and I am planning to move to my new home by the end of the coming month. So, I have much time to settle everything there. But, still, I am worried about shifting my things there. As I am moving with my family, we have to shift everything we have. I am not so bothered about packing the households. But, I feel it hard to transport all the things including the vehicles to a new place over a long distance.

So, I need the help of a moving company. One of my friends suggested me one company. But, he doesn't have any experience with them. And in my search, I came across some of the Canadian moving companies.?But, I am in a confusion about choosing the right one. If anyone has any experience with this kind of companies, please share it and tell me your suggestions.

And I have some doubts regarding the services:

How long it would take to get a service from them?
How much would these companies charge for a long distance move?
What are the formalities for transporting vehicles over long distance?
Do they offer the service of transporting the pets?

Hope you would help me with your knowledge and experience. Thank you.


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