Drugs are bad mmmkay (bad drugs, addiction, ODs etc.)

Alright if you have seen my other posts and replies on this part of the board you will know I have done a handful of various drugs over the years all in moderation. I haven't really done anything in the last 3 years even smoked weed a couple times and did part of a perc I think most of my drug experiences were from when I was like 19 till I was like 21 which doesn't seem like a long time unless you consider the fact I was doing drugs at least once or twice a week and the guys I was hanging out with were doing it much more frequently. I never tried what I and most people would consider the worst of the worst drugs (drugs like heroin, meth, crack, etc) That being said I've been around and know a lot of people who have/had/do those kinds of drugs.?

I recently just accepted a friend request from my ex-boyfriend on facebook again. He was pretty much becoming dependant on opioids when he broke up with me. He wasn't in a good state of mind and wanted to live more like his other guy friends partying and having sex with a bunch of young girls pretty much. A number of his best friends at the time were already more so addicts than himself. Our closest friend was a herion addict and he even had to go to rehab before they let him graduate from high school he has had his ups and downs as far as I know he is trying to stay clean most of the time now but it is hard.

What mostly spurred this post was only like a day after I readded my ex-boyfriend (who now lives in another state and is in a relationship with a girl who is pregnant with their baby and he is staying clean as far as I know or assume). He posted a RIP status about another guy we used to hang out with occasionally. I'm assuming it was an OD or other drug related issues as he was one of the guys shooting up herion and shit back in the day. It wasn't suprising but it still sucks he was a good dude and only 23 years old. It just made me think how we left that life style of youth experimenting with drugs but some of these guys were in it too deep and haven't changed their ways. Most of the guys who were in that deep at such a young age had shitty childhoods and other problems on top of addictive mindsets which is sad but my point is don't get sucked up into shitty ass drugs. You can make your life better once you are older you don't have to let your parents problems bring you down. You don't deserve to have your life taken from you at such a young age.

My current boyfriend also has a lot of family members including his dad and uncles who are and have struggled with these addictions of heroin and meth and all the shitty drugs. His dad has been in and out of jail the last couple of years and in and out of various states of drug addiction and other legal troubles. He isn't a horrible person when he is clean but he is another creature entirely when he is not. On one of his recent ODs it took multiple shots of narcan and the defibrillator to bring him back from the dead....?

Just be smart, careful, and moderate when experimenting with drugs also if you are around when other people are messing around with bad drugs even if you are on drugs too don't be afraid to get medical help if they OD many states have good samaritian laws that protect the caller and the victim from being charged for possesion of drugs, possesion of parphenalia and being under the influence and even if your state doesn't the chance of you getting in a little legal trouble isn't worth someone elses life....

when you're addicted to it. It is really hard to stop it. :)?


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