extremly drunk,sexually asulted,lying to parents,bestfriend left me for dead

hi im telling you my story of the first time i got drunk [im 13] aka 2 weeks ago it was a very hectic night.
where do i start well i have this friend lets call her megan shes hangs around more of the thuggy people who do drugs and stuff but basically me and her are bestfriends.My parents did not approve of me hanging around her and i can see why, i just wanted to have fun for once and live my life because im well known as the 'hot good girl' The whole thuggy group was down at the beach in sand dunes i asked my mum if i could go she immediatly said no so i ended up sneaking out. Megan got this 19 year old guy she knew to get us a bottle of vodka to share,we were taking shots walking to the beach we finally got to the beach and megan had about 4 shots and she was already drunk i wasnt even tipsy yet so i took more and more i got lost at 8 vodka shots, i had chugs of this other drink but i cant remeber what it was called so basically one moment i was alright then all the alcohol just hit me and i was very drunk i was falling everywhere and forgot so many peoples names, i kissed everyone there including the girls and was about to have a three way but thank god i didn't, all the boys were trying to get with me i remember i guy threw me on top of him and he was riding me on his lap i coukd feel his boner i felt so scared because he had such i tight grip on me then i remeber the other guy was foundeling my private area i felt so violated and i kept saying "no stop!" then he was like "what why are you on your period?" i was and he stoped thank god because if he didn't i dont know what could of happened i was really messed up and the 19 year old had weed, i didnt do it because i knew it would be a bad decision considering i was already really drunk, i was doing smoking kisses with one of the guys and i was smoking.Me and my bestfriend megan promised each other that we would look after each other that night and i was trying to help her but i kept loosing her and i couldnt find her but when i did i looked after her but she didnt look after me at all, i lost one of my shoes and i asked everyone to help me find it because i was to messed up but none of them would the boys were saying "ill find your shoe if you do something for me in return" or "ill find it id you suck my dick" i didn't do that with any of them so i got really disstraught because it was really late and pitch back and we were in sand dunes on a beach really far away from my house so i started to cry, so i tried going home and i had to climb this really big moutain, megan was climbing it too and i told her to wait and she left me there colasped someone could of raped me or anything i literly could of died because of her and peed myself it was horrible but the only nice guy that was there with us searched the whole beach for my shoe and he found it ,also to let you know i had no shoes on at all on the beach i was so num i couldnt move so i could of died because of that but the nice guy put on my shoes for me and he was gonna walk me home but my other friend that wasn't there ratted on me and told my mum because she was worried about my safety but im so glad that she did because my mum then picked me up and she knew straight away and i felt so so bad for what i did and i threw up everywhere when i got home.I know it was my fault no one put me in that situation other than me and ive took responsiblity for my actions,but im glad i did do it because ive learned alot from that night but i feel so dirty and disgusting for them boys touching me like that i definetly did not them touch me like that. Comment your advice and expierences below :]

My advice is to not drink to the point that you aren't in control of your actions. You are lucky you weren't raped to be honest. I know that partying and all that seems like fun and whatnot but it can also turn dangerous as you've found out. It's also just a bad look to be all over so many guys and could give you a bad reputation.
This is also just my opinion but I wouldn't be so hard on your friend since it sounds like she was too drunk to make rational decisions.
I have done my fair share of partying and I always tried to make sure someone knew where I was and I typically wouldn't drink around strangers and if I did I was with a group of people I knew and trusted.


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