I saw these herbal cigerettes on amazon and they look really good and also there is a vape kit on there for not much with good reviews, and i want to get them through my dad's account but it will show up on his purchase history! is there anyway i can delete his purchase history, or get around him finding out. (haven't ordered anything yet, hypothetical still.) ALSO, he changed his fucking password because I posted a review of something I bought and he won't let me sign in. any suggestions please?

don't do it

I agree, don't do it. No reason to get in troubles with your dad.

You should probably not be spending your dad's money without asking. I don't know what kind of financial situation you guys are in, so if it's one where money's kinda tight, or he just needs to make sure he's saving it for bills and other things, stop spending his money without him knowing.?

If you're underage then you shouldn't be buying them anyways.? If you're old enough, just ask him if you caqn work something out.

don't you have any friends that can get it for you? try weed as easily to find on street from drug dealers?

it's been a while now and she ended up getting weed and we smoked it together it was pretty cool thanks though?

Hey, don't do it.


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