to much??

okay so i have been drinking lots of vodka seems to help me deal with people. i drink it in my coffee,orange juice,milk,soda and just straight from the bottle..normally i do it while my family is not home but ive been more depenedent on it lately. i do it when there home just not in the same room now.i get drunk very easily and doing this stuff has caused some problems (not big ones) but does anyone think i should stop or that its just to much for me at 14 yrs old?

Yes, you should stop.? If you're drinking alone or to "deal" with some have a problem.

Thank you for reaching out.

Your life must be intolerably stressful. That needs to be fixed.

Stress abatement tools. Private groups where life can be talked about safely.?

Find someone who will understand, often a peer, someone who's had their own share of problems.

There are AA meetings for teens. You'll make friends.

Meditation, religion, spiritual, martial arts,?

Step 1 is "Give up". Stop trying so hard. Life will kill you if you stress too much about life. Learn how to do nothing. It's an art.

del677 has some great points on how to deal with stress.

While the realistic answer is to quit and get support, only you can decide when to do so.

Unless you're committed to become alcohol free, successfully quitting will be hard and tough..


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