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Hello everyone,My mom and dad are divorced, and in their battle, they just forgot about their only daughter and her happiness. Both of them wanted their separate, happy and independent lives. Unfortunately, both of them didn't want my custody, and I was send to a boarding school, and life there was horrible. Later, I shifted with my maternal grandmother, because she didn't want me to be in a boarding school. She was really caring and loved me a lot. But, again, fate played its dirty game on me. She passed away, and I was back in the boarding school. I never had much friends because of my rebellious and conservative behaviour. I literally had no one to even talk to and share my thoughts and sorrows. At that point, I started using drugs, and it became my problem solver. I had gotten so addicted to it that now I couldn't imagine a day without it. I don't have a good relation with my roommate, she doesn't like me using drugs and we always fight over this. I get the stuff from one of my college friend, he is the only guy with whom I share a good rapport. Me and my roommate had a serious fight. I was under the influence of drugs and was not in my senses. We argued and argued and finally I hit her. Later, when I was back in my senses, I apologised to her and told her that I was under the influence of drugs and did not do it purposely. But, she was not ready to listen. She wants to get her revenge now, and she will go to any extend for it. It's been some time since the incident and she has not yet anything. Now, I'm really happy in my life and I have found the love of my life, and under his compulsion, I have left drugs, It was very difficult initially, but I love him more than anything else in the world and I'll do anything for him. So, I'm a happy person now. Now, when I'm happy with life, my roommate is taking her revenge on me. She has reported to the college principal and filed a police complaint stating that I have the possession of drugs and I supply it to the students there. I don't know what to do. I agree, I used to use it, but not now, and I have never supplied it to anyone else. This is a criminal offence, and it can ruin my life. My boyfriend suggested that we approach some good criminal lawyers,, we never had enough cash to appoint a laywer, but they have agreed to take up our case and for free. I'm really grateful to them. But, the problem is not fully solved yet. I have to break free from this issue, and get my life back on track and live peacefully. I'm in such a bad state of mind now, things were getting good in my life, when this issue. My whole life will get ruined if I don't succeed now. I think, God just can't see me happy, and I have no one else to share this to. Anyhow, I just hope to succeed in this case, need your prayers.?

Have you tried counselling and/or support groups?

Yeaa... Counselling or support groups is actually a good idea.

You're drug free. There's no prosecutable crime. Nobody goes after a small-time drug user, unless she's caught buying, selling, or having drugs. Since you don't do this anymore, and say that you never sold to anyone, then you have nothing to worry about. The school, on the other hand, can do anything it wants, but the worst it can do is to expel you. Just tell the truth if the administration asks, and if they want to boot you, move on with your life. You hated it there initially anyway, and you've never gotten along with your roomate. Whatever you do, whatever happens, stay drug free.


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