psychedelic drugs

thinking about trying?psychedelic drugs for the first time thoughts on it?

I tried lsd at a low dose. I had a good time, but you need to be very careful when it comes to people trying to lace it with things that might be poisonous. I'd invest in a testing kit just to be safe. And you need someone sober there with you to keep your environment controlled. Definitely don't do a high dose your first time. And do a lot of research and only buy from someone you trust.

lots of fake shit out there.?

stay away from lsd (if anyone even deals it near you) cause its super rare these days, as it takes actual chemisttry to ?make and its a pain in the ass.
So anything you find out there is probably fake and thats no good.

If youre gonna do it, go for natural stuff like LSA seeds (hawaiian baby woodrose) or Mushrooms. - cant fake that, atleast not harmfully.

also if you avent already check out Psyched Substance on youtube. he does educational videos on drugs that are meant for people to use safely instad of totally avoid them.

i would love to try shrooms.


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