Quitting drugs.

Does anyone know a way to actually quit drugs yourself, I know "just don't do it " but I hoping a lot of you know that's a lot easier said then done, so a little bit about my addiction, I smoked weed for about 5 years only in the last year I started doing it literally everyday the other years where about once a week - once every 2 weeks..... After a few months of getting high literally everyday with friends me and another friend stopped getting high our tolerance was so high. A few weeks ago we were at a party and took mdma, and we had the time of our lives so we double dropped, then triple dropped then next weekend we done it and then the next weekend we did it (Saturday and Sunday )... And now we are pretty into mdma, as much as I love it I'm really thinking of quitting, but when I stopped weed or didn't get mdma I get really angry, I can't control the anger, is that normal I don't know but if you guys want to know my age I'm only 17 a few weeks off 18.

Anger is how the midbrain gets what it wants.

Anger literally sshuts down the prprefrontal cortex, wwhere rational thought takes place.

When the midbrain doesn't get what it's been programmed to crave, it reacts by creating anger, which cuts blood flow to the prefrontal cortex, and one literally can't think rationally anymore, only emotionally (more primitive midbrain).

This is why "Just say no" doesn't work. The part that would say no gets switched off.

Numerous ways to attack this problem. Basic idea is to strengthen the "Remain Calm" ability, so you remain in control.

Meditation, taichi, qigong, yoga, practice being self-aware, all strengthen neural pathways in the brain, helping one unwire the addiction.

Meetings with other NA members helps one feel a part of a community where they are accepted, further reducing stress, further helping one stay in control.

Every ex-addict I have ever met says being Hi is nice, but being clean and sober is MUCH nicer! And they never want to go back. It's worth the initial discomfort.

One must also find one's spititual path. Not necessarily religion, though that does work for some. A search for where one fits in this world. Find meaning and purpose. Become aware of what one is running away from.

Good luck and best wishes. It's a hard rough journey but worth the trip.



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