So i tried smoking the other day (My parents, boyfriend, and everyone else does it so i was curious about why...also i found when someone lit one i wanted to inhale the smoke even though i had never smoked before? Any one else feel like they crave one but never have smoked one ever before!!?)...I smoked a cigarette and got the head buzz and i actually really liked it. I don't want to become a smoker, its super unhealthy and expensive. But it was a nice feeling to do. Is there even a such thing as a person who smokes occasionally? I know you can easily get addicted to nicotine but from my one smoke i don't feel any strong urges physically but i do notice that one someone else lights one i end up wanting one too. It weird, but i can't deny wanting to do it again:( Idk what to do at this point:P am i always gunna want to smoke when i see other people enjoying one? Thats going to irritate me.

I've been smoking for 5 years and it's honestly only been in the past year that I've noticed how addicted I am. Before this year, I could go without- I just didnt want to. Now, i cant go with out. I know tons of people who smoke occasionally- especially after drinking. It's pretty normal. I wouldn't recommend getting into the habit, but in your position I just about ignored every person who said that to me.

I smoke very rarely - and almost always when drinking heavily. There was a period of time, when living with a heavy smoker, that I was smoking 2-4 times a week (1-3 cigarettes in any given night, but shared). We were also heavily drinking in college during that time, so it wasn't surprising.

I have set some ground rules for myself as I noticed a similar reaction... I enjoy the sensation, but wasn't hooked, but then at times craved a smoke when around someone else smoking - which still occurs. I was (and am) worried that if I ever let myself go even a step further it could become a physical addiction. I know the facts and know that smoking is bad for you, but as a rare enjoyment I feel like everyone has their vices..

To prevent me slipping I keep one rule - I won't buy my own pack (or loose tobacco to roll). I can bum off others for occasional enjoyment, but try to 'pay back' with splitting my drink (if it's a friend and apporpriate) or buying them a drink. I'm pretty frugal, so even bumming off others I feel bad if I bum more than one free one, and feel the financial pain if I start trading off drinks... and by not ever buying my own, I'm pretty limited to start cause it's expensive! By smoking so rarely, I enjoy it when I do, but start to feel sick if I have any in excess, and prevent physical addition (note - this works for me. I do believe that for some people 'all it takes is one' to get hooked as you were taught in grade school).

That being said, if I ever found myself in a social circle or dating someone who smoked, I could see myself slipping very easily, so just be careful and think about what suits you best. i.e. I haven't dated anyone who smoked, but if I'm around a friend who smokes I'll just sometimes tell myself "no smokes tonight" to ensure I have that self control.

I seen my grandfather slowly slip away to his death from smoking. He past away last year from heart complications and lung cancer. The last year of his life was filled with pain, hell doctors apts and specialist that couldn't help save his life. So no I have do desire to start smoking after watching his suffering and then loosening his battle to death. When you get the cravings to light up grab a stick of gum to get your mind off it.

I had that mentality going in too, almost 2 decades later, i still smoke. if you dont want to become a smoker, you need to make the concious decision not to and stick with it or else you WILL get addicted!

I smoked my first cigarette when I was 17 and began to buy packs for myself probably on my 18th birthday. Now I'm 25 and a heavy smoker. I think it is normal to crave cigarettes before you've ever even actually smoked; for me, when I was a kid sometimes walking past anyone who was smoking the scent was just so appealing to me to the extent that my mouth would water.?
It is possible to be a social smoker but I have an addictive personality. My older sister gave me my first cigarette and I will never forget it. That's not to encourage you or anyone else, mind you. It's a horrible habit that I don't think anyone should develop if they can help it. I have an aunt who was a hardcore smoker and now she smokes when she's drinking and doesn't have any trouble not lighting up any other time. I guess it depends upon the person, it's never the same for two people; I've heard from people who used to smoke and managed to quit and the smell makes them sick, and others who claim the opposite and it drives them nuts for wanting one.?
Personally, I'm addicted and I have no desire to quit at the moment. I definitely wouldn't recommend it as something to do just do because you can.?

Every year I quit and start smoking. Don't know what to do with that. I hate it


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