3rd time using Coke, burning throat.

Hey so I have used Coke 3 times. The first two times I used the thing it wa amazing.?
The 3 time I used it was this pass week at a NYE party with some friends. When I used it I didn't feel much of anything but the back of my throat was burning. I could honestly feel it drip from the back of my throat. And I could not continue to drink that night for the reason my throat was hurting so much.?

P.S I have done M / Weed and I do tend to drink every weekend at parties and stuff.?

Could of been laced with something, but more than likely you were just having post nasal drip. That happened to me when I did Molly a couple times.
To be honest though you should stay away from coke, it can lead to really really horrible things.

Sounds like it was adulterated and didn't have much actual coke in it.

Maybe it was meth.

Yeah, you can go into cardiac arrest just on your first time. I'd also stay away from molly. Baaaad irrepareable shit can happen with that.


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