is marijuana dangerous?

I'm thinking of trying it

Smoking it can mess with your lung health, but to my knowledge that's the only real drawback. Obviously if you are young and still developing using drugs can mess with your development but I started smoking pot when I was 15 and I am relatively normal lol.
Don't drive while you are high, that will make things dangerous.
Don't smoke a ton, literally take a small?hit (inhale it correctly) and wait a few minutes to see how you feel, if you don't feel much smoke some more. Everyone has different tollerance.
Depending on the strain of marijuana you could get paranoid/anxious and if you smoke too much too fast your blood pressure can drop and you may feel faint (I have had this happen to me and seen it happen to others as well).
Mostly though just hang out and have a good time, I know pot is illegal but it's a pretty fun time especially if you are with some good friends, you think about things differently and everything is funny and it can be really fun. Just don't be stupid about it, like I already said don't drive, don't do it in public places or go out in public while you are high.

So instead of using marijuana whats his option? To go to a doctor and get a prescription sleep aid with a laundry list of side effects that he will take every day. The sad part is that if he did no one would bat an eye... sorry but I just think that's such a double standard.
I have friends who suffer from depression and anxiety and they use marijuana to help with their problems and it DOES help, not for everyone (it makes my anxiety worse) but if it helps and you aren't in a position where you will be drug tested and you aren't going out driving high then I don't see the issue. Rather than go to a doctor and get a script for a bunch of pills I think it's a way better alternative to use pot. I understand that it's illegal but one day it won't be and we can really start to tap into its medicinal uses.

Apart from damage to your respitory system, no it is not dangerous.

No marijuana is not dangerous.

I smoked quite a bit of it starting when I was 16, and I quit completely a couple of years ago when I quit cigarettes at the same time. Pot is an a-motivational drug. Aside from the consequences of getting caught, and I never had any problem with police about it, it'll make you sit and watch TV when you should be doing stuff, having fun, and living life. That's the biggest risk or danger, that it leaves you just sitting and staring.

It is dangerous.

Weed is not dangerous, in the long run if you smoke consistently for years you MAY develop brain/lung damage but if you are doing it with your friends every now and then it is fine, it is also good to much sure depending if it's legal or illegal where you are, who you get it from because some people may lace it with really bad chemicals or other drugs to make it heavier therefore you don't get as much, also be careful who you get it off many of my friends are "dealers" and they have gone to get it off someone and they have been jumped and robbed and beaten nearly to death so be careful..?
You need to also remember self control, weed is very addictive.... I use to do it once a month if that with friends a year later I was doing it everyday and when I didn't get to smoke I got really bad anger issues, so you just need to look after yourself and be in a safe environment.?
Im sorry to lecture but I have currently quit weed and getting addicted to heavier drugs because my tolorence for weed is just so high, that it doesn't get me high anymore, and I really don't want that happening to others because it's a bad habit. ( All the best :) )

they sell it in stores where i live. i keep some in a cupboard in the kitchen for anybody that asks. one is blueberry-flavored and the other is called Obama Kush (isn't that funny?). they are both supposed to be the relaxing variety but they still give me anxiety so i just keep it for guests. dunno if that helps (smile).?

Linea, I want to be a guest at your house! Damn. lol


Well define dangerous?

It is not dangerous in the way alcohol or other drugs can be but it is unhealthy!

If smoking cigarettes can cause cancers, heart problems, lung damage and so on then why would smoking marijuana not cause these things?

It also depends on how much you use the drug? whether it becomes habit forming, people get hooked on sodas and sugar.

long term use can lead to depression. While most people tend to feel happy after the drug it can lead to negative visions (can't spell hillusinations) there was a case a year or two ago of a man killing a dog in the high street locally a year or two ago as he said the dog was staring at him and reading his mind. The guy was high on weed and was a very long term user.


you are always welcome here. i always have beer for the boys too!?

I'm not sure if it is dangerous, but recently I happened to see an article on the effects of marijuana on Alzheimers patients My father is an Alzheimers patient taking the services of assisted living services Prestige Care Bridgewood, ( I would like to get expert advice on the right dosage so that my father can benefit from this drug? Have anyone tried this drug as a treatment for Alzheimers ? ?How reliable is this info? I am planning to have a discussion with his doc?

The danger is more if you're worried about how it could affect your mental stability. I know people with anxiety who have had marijuana fuck them up.

But I'm a semi regular smoker and I enjoy the effects both as recreation and stress relief.

short answer: no

Nothing is ever "safe" and can be dangerous to some or many.? Everyone has different views & reacts differently and whether anything is safe or not is truly not known.
2 legal drugs (alcohol & tobacco) are regulated and even so can create serious problems.
Is it truly a gateway drug?? There's no definitive answer
Laced drugs are quite common so smoking laced pot could create a bit of havoc.

Oh I keep on hearing about "spice" overdoses so synthetic marijuana isn't worth it.?

I enjoy using it recreationally and for stress relief. Just smoke around people you're comfortable around, and everything should be fine :))

if it's addiction then it's dangerous, try once it's not so scary

I don't think that marijuana is dangerous. First, marijuana doesn't cause addiction. Secondly, marijuana has long been used in medicine as a treatment. Yes, many claim that marijuana harms the lungs, but it depends on the way it's use. For example, here you can read about healsiest way to smoke weed? ? ?. I??think that marijuana has more positive impact on health than harm it.


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