trying weed

i really want to try weed because all my friends smoke it all the time so what should I expect when first trying weed and can sth bad could happen like idk whats the worst case scenario?

Worst case scenario? Munchies, maybe a case of the giggles, nothing too scary. You might not feel the effects of it the first time around.

You probably won't even really feel high the first time you smoke, partially because you won't really know what being high feels like! The first time I smoked I just coughed a lot and that was basically it.. The second time is when I actually felt high for the first time. I felt like I was levitating in the air above the couch that I was sitting on haha. If you really want to try it then give it a go, nothing terrible will come from it

I get really bad anxiety from pot, my heart pounds and I feel like I am having a panic attack.
Don't smoke a ton all at once just a little bit and give it a minute and see how you feel.
I have smoked too much and my blood pressure dropped so quick that i passed out.
dont drive or ride with anyone who is stoned.

I have heard some people get panic attacks. My worst side effect was wanting some garlic knots, but I didn't have any. 

Marijuana is not a halucinagen. You will not have halucinations and whatnot. With cannabis, like most "street drugs" (as opposed to perscription drugs), your current mood effects your high. Stay calm, cool and collected. If you're not feeling it, don't do it, you won't be weird. And if your friends think so then they're pretty lame. I used to hang out with the stoners and my friends were usually so interested that I didn't smoke but still hung out with them. And they were so excited, but not pushy, when I finally decided to smoke. 

Marijuana really just leaves you with an overall feeling of relaxation. It's like it cradles your mind and body and opens it up to the things around you or just expands your mind. You might zone out and forget the world around you. You might get uncontrollable giggles. You may feel like you're going to throw up and feel panicy and never want to smoke again (like my first time - but I smoked a blunt my first time). And you have to remember, the anxiety goes away. About 20-30 minutes later I was fine and forgot I'd sworn off weed and was smoking a joint with some people. It's good stuff and can really expand your mind or show you new things, weed, but just be comfortable. And always do some research before dabbling with any drugs.

Dont do it cause ur friends r doing it. Be a leader not a follower. But weed is just a different level ur not sober but u r not extremely mest up that dont know what ur doing. Do it when ur ready.not cause ur easily influence by those around u

I usually get super giggly and sleepy. The first time I tried it the only thing I got scared of was that I was going to suffocate from laughing so hard. It's really fun, just be careful and plan it so that you don't get caught in having to do a drug test for like a job or something. It takes a little while to get completely out of your system.

I was always taught to stay from any kind of drugs unless prescribed for a illness.

I smoked daily for 10 years. the worst that could happen is you get paraniod and have a panic or anxiety attack. go easy your first time! pace yourself, and make sure youre with people you really trust, because you have no idea how its going to effect you. My first time, I greened out baad! I made the mistake of trying to keep up with my friends, who were daily smokers, and I earned the title that i still have; 2 hoot wonder lol

When I've tried it I feel too lightheaded to be comfortable, so I really haven't gone back to it. ?Not sure if I'm doing it wrong or what.

Nothing too crazy should happen.

as said above, lots of people dont feel it the first time, so keep taking hits.
eventually itll happen for you, just most people when they first do it they only take a couple hits assuming theyll work cause they have "low tolerance"


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