anything for anxiety?

I have really bad anxiety so sometimes when I'm losin it I take a couple of percocet bc they make me very calm in a way that I never feel without them. I have a limited supply of them and honestly don't know who I'd go to for drugs (just trying to find someone at school) and I was wondering if there are any other drugs out there that work really well for anxiety and basically just calm you down a lot so you don't worry about anything.

Your best bet is go to a doc and talk it out but weed helps

I definitely agree with the other girl and I think that if you think you need drugs to help your anxiety then you should definitely talk to a doctor. It is very dangerous to mess with perscription drugs.

Honestly, I started smoking. Whenever I feel anxious, I smoke a cigarette. They are always easy access for me, and it helps a lot.

That said, I don't recommend smoking to you. You can get hooked on them so easily, which I found out the hard way. Now I get anxious if I don't smoke for a little while, which now completely defeats the purpose of starting in the first place. 

You should also definately see a doctor. Percocet is nothing to mess with either. You can get pretty easily hooked on the stuff, if you haven't already.

Using drugs is not how you're supposed to cope with anxiety. That's called self-medicating and it's not good for you. See your doctor and talk about your anxiety. I have anxiety and I saw someone about it, I learned a bunch of techniques to manage anxiety, no drugs required.

You should deff. talk to your doctor for ways to handle your anxiety.

Go to the doctor. They might prescribe you with Xanax or something.

Or you could just smoke some weed. ;)

I have a problem with anxiety too and recently started having panic attacks for no apparent reason. I did some research and now I take an all natural over the counter tablet called Hylands Calms Forte. Works every time I feel the anxiety coming! Don't worry about it being a sleep aid, that's a bonus. You can still take during the day without any drowsiness.

Go to your doctor. I get prescribed something called chlorazepam. Its for anxiety, seizures and muscle relaxants. Im sure if you tell your doctor you have panic attacks and anxiety issues they will prescribe you something good to help. Percocet wont work forever, you will build a tolerance. I used them before. It also made me sick after using them for a while.

I feel you. Pretty much sucks even at school, or anywhere in public, or at families house. For no reason I feel like everyone and all attention is on me so my palms sweat, Shake my legs alot , Move around , my hands shake gosh its horribleeeeee. >_< Sometimes I take allergy pills that cause drowsiness to help but it becomes addicting even at school I need it . 

5-htp or l-thanine can.

I had really bad anxiety until I went to my doctor and she prescribed me with Promethyzine I believe it's called?
I'm surprised at how many people say that marijuana eases them of anxiety because it makes my anxiety worse!
But whatever works :)

Benzodiazepines are what's usually prescribed as-needed for bad anxiety. That includes Xanax, Valium, klonopin, Ativan and some others. Some doctors, especially these days, are becoming increasingly more reluctant to prescribe these because of their abuse potential. But, Xanax/alprazolam works wonders for my severe anxiety and is really the only thing that DOES help, including the other benzodiazepines I've mentioned previously. However, I've heard others with wonderful experiences after taking any of the ones I've mentioned.

You really should avoid Percocet for anxiety. You're self-medicating, and I know it gives you a calming and pleasant effect, but it is an opiate, like morphine or heroin, and designated for pain,NOT anxiety. Using it to treat anxiety can lead to dependence and tolerance (addiction), and opiate withdrawal is THE WORST feeling in the world, TRUST ME. Once you are addicted to opiates, it is a lifelong struggle.

I am sufering from anxiety for 3 years and I started to take Xanax (ordered from I'm taking 0.5 twice a day and it always helps. I am much more outgoing and talkative because I don't have such fear and anxiety. It is a great pill to take for anxiety disorder and a must for panic attacks.


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