When did you start smoking?

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I was 18 or 19 and at a party the first time I smoked.?

Im 15, smoking since I was 12.

Cigarettes, my first when I was eight, I get through about 10 a day now, I have never done weed

Tried smoking first time on my 10th birthday... and became a true smoker a few weeks later.

at 10?! holy smokes!!!!!

Since 15.


a few months ago when i was 15. still only an occasional smoker but love it when i do.

Im 15 and a smoker since I was 12. Had puffs now and then at younger age of course.

I started smoking cigs at 14 and stopped at 16. I smoked weed 2 times the first being 15 and the 2nd being 16. Haven't done either since with the exception of an occassional vape.

i started in 15?

The first time I tried smoking was when I was 16. My best friend and I were at this party and we found a pack of smokes next to the kitchen sink so we thought why not try it together and I remember we had one each. That was the only time I smoked.?

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