When did you start smoking?

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I am 13 and my bestfriend is a pothead and 16, so yeah 12/13. Weed not cigs. Hbu?

I waited until I was 18 and out of high school.

I was 18.
I just think it is a better idea to wait as long as possible basically before you start to experiment with anything. I mean weed isn't that bad but yea.

I was 17 when I first tried pot. I started smoking it regularly at age 20. x

I'm 16 and one of my best guy friends got me to try it last August for the first time. He's sort of a druggie, and tbh he even got me to try Molly once(NEVER AGAIN). I always go into denial when I'm high and declare to anyone who'll listen that I'm not feeling the effects at all. 

I was 18 but did it more often at 20. I think it's better to wait, like others have said. When you're older it just is a different and better experience in my opinion. 

When I was 18. I was out of the house, making my own money. I brought my first sack from a co worker. Good times, lol.

Weed started I guess 13

My family's a pot head and as I grew up I was an always an second hand smoker by my dad so it just kinda grew in me but when I atchuly did start smoking is when I was 16?? 15 ?? Now I have zip loads bag of marjuana 

I started when i was 14, and i regret it. i didn't know my limit and started to smoke way too much way too often. I can't even be around weed now because it gives me anxiety, so i agree that it's better to wait until you're older, and have better control and understanding over how much you experiment :)

The first time I smoked I think I was 16 or in the early months of when I turned 17. I'm 18 now and I'm starting to do it more frequently simply because my best friend sells and it's easily accessible lol

I started at 18, when I really wanted to and was responsible about it. I've been regularly using it now and found it to be excellent for suppressing my anxiety but try not to rely on it too much as it can have its consequences just like any other substance if you abuse it.
Most of my friends started around 14-15 and have self-destructed by using it as a gateway drug or just plain abusing from it.
I think the best time to start is when you're an adult or nearing one atleast. 

I tried weed at 18 years old of like May. Than June I turned 19 and smoked weed here and there then late 19 into 20 I tried Black Mild Cigars. 
I smoke those two once in awhile. It's not a daily thing for me. Last time I smoked was late July. 

11 and ever since then I have started smoking it. I only smoke it occasionally tho.

I first stared a couple months ago (I'm 15, almost 16) my guy stoner friends that are a couple years older got me into it because I said I'd try it. I rarely do it though. I stopped talking to those guys too. 

right now i'm 16 years old. i started at 10 years old, never stopped since then.

13 now 20 so 8 years and counting :3

I started when I was 13 , and I'm almost 17 , so ... yeah . 3 1/2 years and counting :)

I was 12. It was the year 2006.

i started when i was 17 and smoked almost everyday, but stopped while i was pregnant. i still do it, but only every once in awhile.

I started smoking when I was 17. Nearly 20 now, smoke every day.

14 . Back then i used to get sooooo baked and tripped out , I feel that the younger you start , ( i may be wrong ) but since your brain isnt fully developed it makes you irrationally get scared or tripped out about things like getting caught or someone seeing you and calling the police lol.
Now that ive grown out of my adolescent years I find it more enjoyable to smoke. not to mention not worrying about homework teachers this and that.

The only thing Id say is, use it wisely. By this I mean, DO NOT skip class to get high. I did it once in a while and it had a snowball effect and my marks were terrible, Id skip if i was too high, just really stopped giving a shit. If i could go back in time I would be more responsible with it, because down the road you really see the affects it has...

First time I smoked I was 14.  Weed has a bad rep where I live. A lot of people do it, but no one ever says anything.  When I was 14 I was with my cousin and we went to a party. I was slightly sober and one of the guys there convinced me to try it.  I tripped pretty hard, but it was a nice high, and I didn't do anything stupid... Now I'm 16.  Two years really changed me. Tbh sometimes I regret getting into alcohol, parties, and smoking (cigs, weed) Sometimes I think it makes me look like a shitty person, but I keep my grades good, and I'm always responsible when I party.  I think that is the key to smoking weed, or drinking or anything really.  If you have a plan for where to spend the night or if you're just smoking weed you'll need a plan on where you are gonna chill for a couple hours.  


12 or so

Started when i was 20 smoke pretty much everyday now expecially to unwind after work:)

P.s anyone wanna talk hmu! Bored and looking for new ppl to talk to

I was 13 when I smoked pot for the first time my dad gave it to me. Not a "drug" at all more of a good thing to chill and take it easy when not doing anything.

started when I was 12 and now I can't stop

I started smoking in the 8th grade. I don't do it regularly but I'm more of a social smoker.

I had my first puffs at around 11 and am a regular smoker since i was 12.

just before I turned sixteen, I had lots of friends who were very into it so I already knew so much about it, and now, I've got friends coming to me asking me questions like I'm the experienced pothead, and I've only smoked for a year

I started smoking weed around 10 years old with my older brothers. I started smoking cigarettes around the same time, Needed the after toke smoke. I quit smoking weed around 18. At 14 I moved on to trying harder drugs, Not saying weed led me to that I just did what my brothers did. Eventually I quit every drug and as of Jan 21 I quit smoking cigarettes. By far the hardest to quit.

I starrted about a year ago and I do weed occasionally 

Started at 13. Havent stopped since. Dont need it just enjoy doing it

Started smoking socially with friends at 17. At almost 19 I started smoking more often and using it medicinally as my stomach can't handle opioids. Miracle plant <3

I'm 16 now and been smoking since I was 12 or 13.

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