My Story. Drugs, sex, partying, and other illegal things.
Hello. My name is Layla. When I was 12 (yes 12!) I was probably one of the worst kids in the 6th grade. I'm about to go into 7th grade and in still pretty bad. I had a boyfriend who was a weed addict. And he got me hooked. He'd buy it from a friend and we would sit at our hangout (a playground near our houses) and smoke in the woods. Weed. It was amazing. The rush, the high, the hallucinations! It was amazing. I got hooked on other drugs, like ecstasy and I'd get high off of over the counter drugs.
So, another thing I would do was break into this little school that was nearby. We never did anything too bad, we just knocked **bleep** over, poured syrup or other things in some rooms. Maybe set the screensaver of a logged in computer to a naked fat girl or a penis. It was all pranks. We would climb on the roof and just do normal things. We'd talk, walk around, tan, and yell at random kids who walked by. It was the life.
I had my friends doing drugs too, and we all loved it. Now you may be thinking I did this to be cool. FALSE. The "cool" crowd was made up of the most anti-alcohol, anti-drugs, and smart people in the 6th grade (we didn't pay any attention to the older or younger kids). Like, ever. But all of them were GORGEOUS! Like, beautiful girls, and hot boys. So, we didn't do it to fit in. We were labeled as the "Rejects" or the "Punks". But we didn't care.
One day, Ryan (my bf) and I got in a fight. He dumped me for some weirdo hipster-poser-Dora-lookalike-semi-asian-girl. And I had no weed. This made me mad.
So I started to do things to get weed. I was broke, so I had sex with druggies and they would give me weed. I was just that desperate.
I was partying and drinking and hooking up with random boys.
And one HORRIBLE day, Ryan sneaked into my house in the middle of the night, and raped me. He was cussing at me and holding a hand over my mouth. I was 12, he was 13 AND bigger than me, so I was helpless. I let him do it.
When he Was done, he plopped a HUGE bag of weed next to my bed and a bong. I smoked it all, wanting to forget, but I couldn't. I was depressed for about a month until mom sent me to rehab.
And I have to say, rehab was actually kinda fun. I talked to a lot of girls like me. And I felt a lot better about myself. When I left, I went I to a 2-week stage of bulemia, but I got over it. I didn't tell anyone about it though.
So here I am now. I'm 13, and I've been clean from marijuana since that night with Ryan.
I don't talk to him, and the only bad things I do is go into the woods, get into fights sometimes, and go on the roof. My grades have improved to C+'s and B's. :)
I still get urges for marijuana, and I kinda cut myself when I feel like I need weed. I started the Butterfly Challenge, but it hasn't exactly helped.
Thank you for reading my story. Please don't put any God or Jesus related stuff, I lost God along with my virginity I guess.

lolol laughing at your comment about not putting God or Jesus stuff don't worry I'm an atheist

I'm glad that it seems you are getting better though. I smoke weed though I didn't start untill I was 17 or 18 and I only occasionally do it but otherwise I stay out of trouble. I have no idea what kind of weed you were smoking if you were getting hallucinations, damn. Honestly it still sounds like you were doing it "to be cool" I know it wasn't to be cool with the in crowd but just to be able to fit in with anyone even the "rejects". You shouldn't cut yourself either that is probably worse than weed. Though since you are so young I'd suggest you to stay away from any sort of drugs or alcohol. As they can have negative effects on a growing brain and the brain matures until around the age of 25 (which its kind of stupid that the drinking age is 21 and thats when people do the most drinking). 

Great story Layla!
I never smoked weed or any kind of drugs. I'm happy for you that you are trying to avoid drugs, when you feel like you need weed.I'd suggest you to stay away from any sort of drugs or alcohol, and keep doing drug test time to time.Take care of yourself.

Hey friends! I am going to share story of Jess my school mate and one of my best friend. I had no idia that she using drugs or kind of things,didn't know because she never showed any signs of using drugs, long time we are not on talking term with each other. Hope she will be fine, I know how it affects not only them, but their loved, so don't do drugs.


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