MDMA (ecstacy)

Who has done it before? I'd like to know anything and everything about your experience with it?

My boyfriend and I will likely be getting some soon. It would be the pure crystal/powder form (I think) so we would either be blowing (snorting) or parachuting (wrapping it in toilet paper and swallowing) it. My boyfriend orginally sounded like he wanted to parachute it but he said we might just have to blow it instead. My boyfriend has done ecstacy a couple of times before but I've never done it. I've never done anything except smoke weed and drink alchol though I am for experimenting with certain drugs such as ecstacy I am still nervous. Chemical stuff makes me more nervous than plants and I plan on limiting any form of chemical like drug I take and there are probably only a few I would even try.  Anyways... comments with experience please. Also if you haven't tried ecstacy or have had experience with it please don't even waste your time telling me how bad drugs are etc.

I'd probably suggest parachuting. There's something about snorting drugs which disgusts me a little haha! Like when this woman had snorted so much coke part of her nose had completely gone, it made me cringe.


I won't lecture you on drugs because there's no harm in experimenting as long as you're sensible and know your limit.

Make sure to share the experience :)

Id parachute it. Doesn't burn that way. And it's a good high. Much cleaner than thizz. You never know what is in thizz and most of the time it's mostly meth. MDMA (Molly) is much better for you. It comes and goes in waves just like they say. I had a lot of fun on it. And for the record everything is a chemical. It's the chemicals in the plants that get you high. But since I told you what you wanted to hear, I am also going to tell you what you don't. Please be careful. I started out just experimenting and before I knew it I was in complete denial about my full blown addiction. It can happen to everyone. Have fun though!

Make sure you know what you're getting. Just because people say it's 'Molly' doesn't mean it's MDMA. I have a test kit and always test my friends stuff and I can't tell you the number of times I've had people come to me with bath salts. That being said, if you don't know what actual mdma is like, you probably will think whatever you get is just fine because you'll still roll. It will just be much more short lived but probably pretty intense. The only problem is that with things like mephedrone (a legal component often substituted for mdma) there has been no research done to see what it's actually doing to you. At least some tests have been done on mdma and there's more information out there.


Honestly though, molly is a hot drug right now. I can pretty much guarantee that what you get isn't going to be mdma. 

HOWEVER, if you do take anything that is being sold as molly just be very aware of yourself. If you're dancing, take breaks. Make sure you stay cool. Stay hydrated, but DON'T drink too much. I'm making this sound way scarier than it actually is, but just be cautious and do your research. Don't mix it with alcohol or any other depressants. Basically, don't be stupid and you'll be fine.


I don't know what kind of setting this is taking place at, but I'm just going to assume a rave.

- Suck on gum, a pacifier, a lollipop, etc. Your jaw will be clenched and it'll hurt if you chomp on gum all night

- Make a pony bead braclet or cuff and roll it up and down your arm. It's great

- Have your boyfriend give you a back massage

-Play with glow sticks/novelty light toys

-Dance, grind, get sexy. (If you and your boyfriend are active, have sex. It's awesome)

-Menthol ciggarettes, espcially if you don't smoke regularly, the big buzz can up your roll.

-And to reiterate, take breaks from dancing and make sure you stay cool and hydrated!


Good luck!

I don't mind negative comments about it mostly when it comes from someone with experience with it or other drugs etc. I just don't want pointless comments from people who haven't even experimented with drugs telling me they are bad etc.

I honestly don't know what the setting would be haven't thought about it but likely not a rave. Though my boyfriend and I will definately likely have sex lol. Otherwise thanks for the warnings and tips and such so far.

I love molly. And I love having sex on molly. Haha.

I've never tried Molly, but I know people who have, and most of the females that I know who have or used to do it ended up becoming somewhat dependent on it and would be depressed when they weren't rolling.

This was when they used it frequently for an extended period of time though, I'd just watch how you react to it, especially the next day if you are feeling really down then I wouldn't do it again.

Also, be prepared to stay up ALL night because it'll keep you awake.

Just wanted to post a comment saying I have yet to try Molly and do to the fact that it is rather pricey we likely won't be anytime in the near future. Feel free to still comment and talk about Molly or your experience with it but just don't be expecting anything about it from my experience.

i dont understand why you would want to do it when you just said yourself that chemicals make you nervous...?

Just because something makes someone nervous doesn't mean they don't want to do it. Just like riding a roller coaster for the first time etc. I don't plan on using any sort of drug regularly but I am not against experimenting with certain drugs either. I'm just someone who doesn't go out generally and do new things spontaneously. So doing new stuff just makes me nervous sometimes. I have done other lesser pills since then for the first time.  The first time I was going to snort it it took me like over a half hour. Just because all my life the government and society tells me how horrible that is just the act itself bothered me but now I'm fine with it. Just like when I drink alcohol which I really don't like so I almost never do it it takes me like 10-30 minutes standing there with the drink in my hand before I actually do it lol. Just the stubborn type of person I am.

I've tried molly a couple times, but it wasn't a drug I really enjoyed that much. The first time I did it in a low key, relaxed setting with one other friend. We put on some music and turned on some colorful lights, but I honestly didn't feel much of anything. I think it may have been because I just put it on my tongue and let it dissolve because a friend of mine said you could do it that way since snorting it burns. The second time I used it was during a rave, I snorted it that time and did infact feel it, but it reminded me a little bit too much to my younger days of doing cocaine, so I never did it again. The drugs I always had the most fun on were crushable opanas, roxicet, oxycontin, and xanax.

Back to molly though, it is crazy expensive! I've seen it for up to $90 a gram.

I never got to have sex on molly, I've thought about trying it again with my current boyfriend, but I think I would rather just get some triple stacks instead.

I did it once with a couple of my friends, and we snorted it. I can honestly say I have no desire to ever do it again. We did it in my bedroom with some loud music playing. Haha one of them was my best guy friend & next door neighbor...he tried to cuddle with everything in sight and got a boner with my other girl friend...she was a little freaked lol. I really didn't like the expirience because it made me feel too out of control of my own actions, so I don't think I'll ever do it again, although my current boyfriend is trying to convince me to do ecstacy with him.

eh, to me molly used to be the sh*t. the holy grail of drugs. like impossible to have a bad time on it.

that's really just how it starts. the first time, you'll feel great. They call it "rolling" for a reason. Think about something that makes you happy, excited, truly gives you a little thrill and smile. That's the feeling. It's warm and sort of giddy. But it comes and goes in waves. up and down like rolling waves. get it?


some people take it in mellow settings, I can't say I like to. the most "chill" place ever was at a bonfire, my buddy Sam was playing acoustic guitar, it was a full moon, we were just hanging out in a little clearing in the woods. it was......OK. My favorite times rollin have all been at raves. You will alternate between wanting to do two things: (1) basking in the warm glowing feeling, hugged/getting hugged/feeling things/getting massages (strangers will love to rub your head/shoulders etc. if you say you're on molly - this is considered completely normal and non-creepy in the context of a rave, and it will feel GREAT. you will be hypersensitive to touch haha). Oh, also, your pupils get huge. This means lights will dazzle you; colors will be extra bright and beautiful.


So some of the time, you might just want to sit in a cuddle puddle, getting your hair stroked by your boyfriend, staring wide eyed at all the beautiful halos of light around you, feeling the rolls wash over your whole being. lol nice right?


but then bam! you can switch over into the other state (2), which is hyper and soooo in touch with music that you can't sit still...equally amazing and fun! dancing on X is the best! you can literally almost feel the music. it's the best! 


but I can't stress this enough....STAY HYDRATED! you get super hot with molly. you might not even feel hot but especially if you're dancing, make sure to stop regularly and drink some water, because chances are you might not even feel hot or thirsty. your body NEEDS the water though, so don't forget, have a buddy keep track of your water and you keep track of theirs! you'll definitely be sweating your arse off too, and be careful if it's real cold out - you don't wanna get sick :P again, you might not even feel cold or hot or whatever, it does that to you. basically just be sensible and have fun! 



hey sugarplumfairy, imho, I think what your friend meant was to rub it on your gums - putting it on your tongue wouldn't really work! you could possibly let it dissolve under your tongue, key thing is to let it be absorbed in your gums, or else swallow it completely.


totally agree on the snorting. ugh! personally swallowing is best, I think most people would agree it tastes foul!

oh and $90 a gram? holy moly. that seems a little on the expensive side haha. 

Be aware that the stuff you and your boyfriend are getting as first time users probably isn't pure. It'll probably be 20% speed which will enhance the experience if you're looking to dance your ass off at a club or party.

Just drink a ton of water. What I was taught, and is great advice is, if you THINK about drinking water, drink water. Drink lots and lots. And then lots after that.

Have gum on you.

At the right dosage (180 mg ish to start?) and with the right people, in the right environment, your experience can seem like the most beautiful night of your life.

-raises hand-

I had the creme soda type, but it was in pills.
When I did get powder, we chose to blow it.
It was also my boyfriend and I, we went to a Nick Hannam, Tom Zanetti & Mi Casa concert.

He was a bit paranoid because of his anxiety, but he didn't know that I had done it before and I found a way to reassure him.
We took it, and those things hit me pretty quickly (even weed edibles hit me in like 30mins), so within a little time I started feeling it.
The music got more intense and was in layers rather than a single sound, when my boyfriend touched me it was this trippy, video-game like feeling.
And I have brown eyes so the dilated pupils were difficult to see.

I really felt like we connected and I wouldn't say I was the happiest person on earth, but nothing could bring me down.
Have gum on you because it gives you this jaw-clenching feeling.

I don't remember blowing too well, but the pill time I had two pills and he had one, and it was on friday, so saturday at 11pm when it was time for the next party, I was still feeling quite awake.

Please get it from someone safe and that you trust. You never know whether it's spiked or not.
If you have a bad feeling about the dealer, leave! If you feel like he's the type to try to get you hooked on it thinking it's E when it's something else, just so you can go back and buy more, leave!

I have some international connections (including ultra secret websites) so if you'd like links or some advice on prices let me know! I'm quite.. Experienced when it comes to Mary J and MDMA.

1. Sex on molly is the best thing on earth.
2. Avoid taking it when you're really sad. MDMA increases your serotonin levels to extremes, and so the next day/next two days some people feel a bit, not depressed but slightly sad. Taking E when you're depressed could make this low last weeks or even just two days but make you feel really low.

Look it up, please! Don't rely on other people's experiences because everyone is different

Since I've last posted on this I've done Molly once we just snorted it. It was really good for the time it lasted but ended up being crappy molly because it didn't last very long and the guys we were with that have more of a tolerance for various drugs barely effected them at all. It was likely split with something else but whatever. 

I have. Not my thing. I'm seriously wondering why you think it's 'pure' and especially that you end up acknowleging that it wasn't very good later... no offense. I don't think MDMA is a good drug to do unless you're absolutely sure of what you're getting, and absolutely sure it won't work out unpleasantly for you. Most MDMA especially if it's cheap is usually never 'pure' as much as they tell you it is, it's usually laced with other crap as well for 'filler'. You were lucky the other crap they threw in just made it weaker, since a lot of things that can be added to it are much more dangerous (and even more dangerous because you have no way of knowing what it is).

You get a taste of what it means universal love. It feels like the glimpse of samhadi that sometimes dawns after extensive meditation sessions.

There are no hallucinations, loss of control or paranoia. Just a profound serene state of what is felt as should be our natural state.

For spiritual purposes, pure MDMA is preferable than xta, you don't need the speeds and other garbage mixed in xta.


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