Summer jobs

Is anyone getting a Summer job?

I'm gonna work in a pet shop, attending customers mostly but also feeding the pets, rubbing their belly, etc, It should be fun and the money is always welcome!!

Well, I survived my first day!! :D



I think that's great I hope you enjoy. I am going to be working the part time job I've had for several months now?


YES!! Let's go partying!! :D


[b]- - - - -[b/]

I think that's great I hope you enjoy.

It is indeed!! Thanks, It's really fun to work with little cute fluffy pets, I've been there only 2 days and they already love me :D

I work in the Internet. Working on the Internet has no season. I work here -Mister Bet: summer, autumn, winter and spring. I always have good money. This is my dream job. I have a lot of free time that I can devote to myself. That's cool!


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