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Hi there,
I am completely broken. I am losing my expectation as well. Someone, please help me to choose a career. I am not able to complete any course. I am getting exhausted with anything that I do. What might be the reason? Is it because I am not passionate about anything? Everybody considers me to be a crap even though I don't care about it, but it hurts me sometimes. I have gone for the computer application, inspection courses and I quit everything in the mid. Finally, I am moving to do a laser technician course Toronto. I am bit stressed and have no clue how to prepare myself for attending the course. I need to complete this course, how might I set myself up before going to the course? Everyone says that I am not determinant and have no passion. I need to prove myself to them. I need your suggestions and advice on this. How can I be focused? Would I need to to go for any counselling? What might be the problem with me???


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