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hellooo guysss..

It's great to be here. I live in Toronto. I'm 28 and lately completed my mobile app development course from an institution. I have always dreamt of working in the programming field. And now I'm hee juz a few steps away from the destination. ?I've been scheduled for an interview next week and I'm very much nervous. This is gonna my very first that I'm gonna crack an interview. I have no idea how the interview is really gonna be? Is there anyone out here on this? Anyone who is already in this stream? Any replies in this concern will be highly appreciated.?

Since you posted this a week ago, your interview may be today, or you may be interviewing right now. Wow, 28 and you've never interviewed for any job before? Some go better than others, and it's impossible to predict. You already know yourself. If you have researched the company and talked to people who work there, you're ready. Dress professionally; cover any tattoos; be conservative with your makeup and jewelry; give a firm handshake; and maintain eye contact. Remember, you don't have to be the perfect candidate; you just have to be better than anyone else they have walk through the door to be interviewed. They may test your programming skills, so don't exaggerate what you know. Be prepared to explain why you're 28 and have never held a job before, even part time while going to school.


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