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Hello all,
Our family is in a financial crisis and I'm doing a part time job which does not have any scope. I really feel desperate because even if I continue this job, I will not be able to help my family and I cannot improve my career. The only source of income was my father who now got into the habit of smoking and drinking. He doesn't even ask us whether we had food or not. We are really helpless and my mother told me last week to study further. We don't have enough money for my further studies, but my mother said that she'll somehow manage to get money for my studies. She's actually worried because I have a younger sister who is really good in studies, but is actually not able continue her studies due to our financial crisis. So my mother's only hope is me. She thinks that If I somehow complete a course and improve in a particular field, I'll be able to get a good job and save money for my sister's education as well as for my family's financial support.?
I had interest in doing business course and I have heard some of my friends telling about home inspection training in? Will I have a good scope in this field. I have to take each and every steps in my life carefully, because my career will decide my sister's future. i will not be able to leave my part time job, because if I leave my job, my mother will have to face many difficulties to make money. So will I be able to study and work at the same time?? If you have any better ideas please let me know.?


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