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Hey there! I was wondering if anyone here are looking into becoming a personal trainer. If so, let's talk about here! I think you need to have a college degree in Exercise Physiology or something. I'm still doing research on it but if you know anything please share!!

It's a tough business, because it involves a lot of selling and pressure to sell and up-sell. It's also seasonal. January and February tend to be busy, and the rest of the year, not. It also doesn't generally pay all that well. If you're interested in fitness, my recommendation is to look into becoming a physical therapist or phsical therapy assistant. The former generally requires at least a bachelor's degree, the latter a certificate or associates's degree. Look into the licensing requirements in your particular state. The work is far less seasonal than being a personal trainer, because you'd be working with people recovering from injuries (people injure themselves all the time at home, at work, and playing sports), and it isn't a sales job.


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