Monitoring system for my garden

I am own an orchid garden.At times it is very difficult to monitor. A recent incident when a lady was caught stealing some orchids from my garden forced me to think about a monitoring system. I am in search of relaible services(outdoor moitoring) who might help me monitor the situation. A friend of mine suggested optimum security , a security company vancouver ( I need valuable suggestions about their services and whether a monitoring system would do the trick for me

I don't think it'll solve the problem together but it'll help you catch who's doing and maybe take things from there. Have you also tried building fences and what not to try and pervent people from climbing over? As exterme as this may sound if it keeps happening try getting a fence with wires on top so no one even thinks about doing it if it keeps happening.

Thanks for the advice. I would think of having wires over my fences. I guess these people wouldnt mind climbing fence to trespass into the garden


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