Tuition funds....

So... I don't think i'll be able to pay for all my fall quarter tuition.... which I may or may not have to pay about $5600 out of pocket. >.< Uhg... college is kinda stressing me out with the money.

I know the struggle. Have you considered a work study job?

Yes, but my school doesn't have their career portal opened until sept 19... :( its a long wait.... >.<

Dang :/ Well, the work study isnt open yet but I talked to hiring person and she hired me on spot insted of waiting. Maybe try that? (if jobs are lsited on college site)

The only way to get through the jobs is to find them on the portal. :( And it sucks cause we dont have access til the 19. @.@ Plus, according to upperclassmen, people will hire others who dont have work-study. :\

Gofundme? 😊

I have a campaign going on at the moment on gofundme... :3 Got $30 donation from 2 people :D
But it is still a long way from my goal @.@ But $30 is still good xD
^ If anyone could, please help support or help share amongst your friends. $1 helps too.


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