Will this work?

Hey all! So, I've been trying to start my own baking business. Yes, I kind of bake good cakes and chocolates and brownies too. So, I've been thinking of making it like a business. Well, not in any big way. So, I started it off in the work area of my home. Set it off as my kitchen, my small cake shop. I get orders, through my friends and home deliver the cakes. No online dealings yet. Thought of doing it later on, once the business sets off well. But it's not functioning quite the way I expected it to be. Whereas, it's more like a loss cause of the home delivery expense. I don't want to advertise or do anything online, cause if this doesn't work I may have to shut all that off, which I really don't want to. My mom has been suggesting me to try some Feng Shui stuffs for good luck. Let me tell you, she's a great believer of Feng Shui, unlike me. She also send me these tips she found online, to get good Feng Shui luck. https://www.junkit.ca/blog/cleaning-tips-for-good-feng-shui/?She also suggested a laughing buddha. Do you think this will work? As I told you, I don't believe in these stuffs, so do you think I should really try it? I mean won't it be even worse, if I try it half minded. I really I'm confused. I really don't want to stop off my cake business. Had lots of hopes on it.?

Not sure if it will work but all I know is you need to try and promote yourself. This includes promoting yourself online in as many ways possilbe-include websites and social media advertisements.?


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