Attention Massachusetts residents!!!

I live in Massachusetts, the Worcester country. I'm going to be starting work as a CNA. Through research is says that the area I'll be working in I will be making 29000-35000 a year. The average rent of a one to two bedroom apartment is 800, you can definitely find some for less. I would be living by myself along with having my boyfriend and friend being over a lot, they offered to throw in money to help cover costs of food and such for being over so often. . Paying car insurance at about 200 a month. No cellphone bill or car payments, and no debt. Then of course all the usual expenses. Gas, utilities (probably between 200-300 a month, give or take a bit) and food. With my income do you think it will be possible to live off of this on my own? Any advice or help us greatly appreciated. I plan on working 40 hours a week if possible btw.?

Don't forget about taxes, health insurance, etc. It'd be doable if you strictly budget yourself. Don't count on the extra money your boyfriend and friend say they'll pitch in, but anything they do provide put that away into savings as emergency/extra money.?


Sorry for that last post I worked in salem ma as a cna. I made about 500 every 2 weeks working fulltime you wont make nearly as much as you mentioned .


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