How to ace an interview?

Alright so in my last post, I mentioned that I was preparing for potential job interviews. Today I got a call from Chipotle asking if I was free for a job interview on Wednesday so of course I said yes. I feel really blessed to have gotten a call back because I've been having such a hard time even getting call backs from any place so I'm really glad. Anyway, I've finally answered my "what is my greatest strength?" and I decided to go with "my greatest strength would be that I put effort into everything I do and try to excel at every task" I think it's good but, if anyone has any suggestions on improvement then please do comment.

It's going to be a group interview and I'm real nervous so does anyone have any tips on how to ace the interview and how to calm my nerves.

I don't have a job...never had an interview...but I think your answer is a good one.? I would say to just go in feeling super confident and try to speak as clear as you can, without any umms or uhhhs...remember to smile and make eye contact as well!? I think those are important things.

I have only done one group interview and I hated it and I did not get the job I applied for. The interview was difficult because there was 6 of us and whoever got to answer first got to say the right thing and then the rest of us had to scramble to figure something else out to say lol

The biggest thing is to make sure you convey that you are enthusiastic about working and learning but don't go overboard on it, a good manager can tell when you are saying something because you think it's the right thing to say and not because you mean it.
When I am asked what my strengths are I always bring up my organization skills and the fact that I take notes, I am huge on everything having its place and I always document important things, I am in retail though so that's different than food.
Since with food you have to follow all the sanitation codes and whatnot maybe bring up that you are good at taking direction and following the way things are supposed to be done.
Good luck girl! Don't stress too much though, just keep applying for jobs and CALL THEM FIRST do not wait for them to call you.

I would bring in a reference letter and a resume.

Act confident. Even if you don't feel it, act it. Look at the interviewer in the eyes, but do not stare. Shake hands firmly, but do not be rough. Smile, but do not look fake. Stand up with a straight posture.

Dress up, but don't overdo it. Like maybe a skirt that goes past the knees that is not tight, you know something nice, maybe like black or black and white. Then a professional looking white top with a white cardigan would do you good. Wear very natural looking makeup and make sure your eyebrows and hair are groomed. Maybe look into wearing some heels that are not too dressy, so maybe some short black heels. Make sure your shoes are polished and your clothes are ironed.

I think you have a good answer. Remember that sometimes interviewers will ask questions you didn't expect. You may be asked how you resolve conflicts. You may be asked what you would do in a certain situation.

Also thank the interviewer.

How I calmed my nerves was I came prepared. I took deep breaths and practice the interview beforehand with someone, maybe your parents. Take constructive critiscm with grace.

And tell yourself you can do it. Have the mindset that you will benefit the comapny, but also be humble.

Thanks everyone I'll use all this advice when I apply for the next job. I was late to my interview so the girl giving the interview dismissed me and wrote my name down so I don't think she'll call me again :/.

From experience, it's all about your body language and tonality. Yes words matter of course but if you demonstrate confident and positive body language it can go a long way. Sometimes they'll ask you a trick question, but don't expect or even want you to get the right answer. They want to see how you react in a stressful situation. My advice to you: Stay Calm, Cool and Collected.... Good Luck!


This is great advice! Yes, they want to see how you react when on the spot (i.e their questions) and they are also judging you on your body language and how your personality may fit with their institution or work enviroment. Alot of empoyeers seek indivduals that not only meet the technical requiresnts to do the job, but they also think about how you may geel so to speak with their work culture.


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