How to prepare for a job interview?

Alright so I have sent out some job applications, and I was preparing some questions just incase I hopefully get a job interview. I got stumped by this question:?What is your greatest strength?
I don't know about you but I find this hard to answer because for one I don't want to be too vague and list a trait and say " Oh I'm hard-working" or brag too much. So does anyone have any advice on what to say? also I have a question about how I should answer the "why should we hire you?" question which is somewhat similar and I want to avoid being repetitive. Thanks a bunch if you read all this I appreciate it.

Also since I'm being generous, here are the basic interview questions that I'm using to prepare which you can also use:

Why did you leave your past job?
What is your greatest strength?
What is your greatest weakness?
Why are you interested in applying to our company?
Why should we hire you?

And at the end of the interview they may ask, do you have any questions for us?

And here's what you can say, now these are mine and you don't have to use them.

Are the hours flexible?

When do you expect to make a decision about this position?

Oh okay I'll try. I applied to Stop and Shop and other food related places like Chipotle

I wrote about what I say my greatest strength is in your other post so I'll write about what I say my greatest weakness is here. I learn a lot slower than other people and I will typically let the person know that I need hands on training and I need to be walked through new tasks a few times before I am comfortable and even after that I take time to complete the task because I don't want to do it wrong. A strength I will put with that too is that I am super thorough and I make sure I do things 100% and the exact way I was shown how to.

Why should they hire you or why would you be a good asset?
I think I would make a differnece in this company by being a strong positive energy to add to your team and I will always put forth my best efforts to complete every task handed to me.

When they ask if you have any questions, ask if there is anything concerning to them about your application.
If you are concerned about flexibility because you have a hectic schedule you should be up front about it.

Thanks alegnatm. Sorry I took so long to reply, thanks for all this info. I didn't get the job because when I went to Chipotle I got there 20 minutes late and the girl giving the interview dismissed me and took my name down but I doubt I'll get a call back. Seriously thank you alegnatm next time I won't make the mistake of waiting too long.

I know I'm about a month late, but I think these tips might help:

Relax. I like to take deep breaths on my way to the interview.

Make sure your clothes are clean the day before. If they are not, wash them.
Iron your clothes.
Also, make sure you do not wear jeans and a T-shirt. What I wear is a long black and white skirt, and a white blouse with a white cardigan. It served me well.

Look up common questions (for example what are your biggest strenghts and weaknesses) and come up with an answer to those. Also rehearse unexpected questions.

Practice having a firm handshake

It amazes me how certain people do so well on their interviews while others perform so poorly. The funny thing is, it doesn't have anything to do with a person's resume or work experience. I've seen the person with the greatest resume completely bomb the interview and then the underdog with little or no work experience completely ace it and get a job offer.

This book is a key to killing it at your next job interview...

I've done a load of interviews recently, and this is how I would approach these questions - hopefully it will help if you get future interviews!

Why did you leave your past job?
This should always be a positive reason. Never say anything bad about a previous job or employer, even if it's awful. Emphasise that you learnt a lot but now you're ready for a new challenge/more responsibility (not more money!) and pick out something about your new company that will offer you that (maybe a being part of a bigger team, more varied work, a more customer facing role, the change to learn about a new industry etc.).

If you're applying to a small business or charity with a clear mission?you can just say you're happy in your current role, but you really believe in what they are doing or really like their attitude as a business and really want to be a part of it. That doesn't work so well for?chain stores or restaurants though, because no interviewer is going to believe that you were quit a good job because you were just so inspired by them.

What is your greatest weakness?
Pick something that is true, but isn't critical to the job, and again give an example of how you are working on it. So for example if it's a customer service position don't say that you are shy, but if it's an admin role and you'd be in an office filing or doing data entry, it would be perfectly fine to say that. Start with a positive so you might say 'I've had to work really hard on improving my assertiveness as I found this was holding me back' or 'If I'm passionate about something I can be very enthusiastic so I have to really focus to make sure that I don't forget to follow the proper procedures". Nobody is perfect, so the interviewer is looking for self-awareness. Obviously if you are not shy,the interviewer will notice straight away, so don't try to say you are. Most interviewers are more perceptive than you would think. They can tell if you lack confidence, if you don't have much experience, if you're not understanding 'the questions they are asking you, if you're easily distracted, if you're very excitable etc... so the best thing to do it admit it and tell them how you're working on it.

What is your greatest strength?
Pick something relevant to the job and ties in with the job description, and give examples. Anyone can say they're great with people, or an excellent team player, or show attention to detail. Don't worry about bragging, the point of an interview is to sell yourself! The interviewer will be much more impressed if you can give them evidence of it. Sometimes they will ask for examples, but even if they don't you should always give them one. Doesn't need to be anything amazing, and you don't need to make it too long. They just want to see that you understand the?skills and?attitude required for the job, and you have experience with them. Again, the interviewer can probably read you very well, so unless you're an excellent liar, make sure it's true.?

Why are you interested in applying to our company?
For this question, it's really important to research the company, know the industry and be specific. Pick out something that they as a company pride themselves on in the industry, or something about the working environment that really appeals to you. Most compaines will have an 'about us' or 'careers section' on their website, which will tell you what is important to them. Or if you know someone who works there and recommends it, mention that. Don't go too over the top though, because the interviewer will see right through it.

Why should we hire you?
This should generally be a response to the person specification in the job description, or if your application was speculative, you can look for similar jobs or previous adverts to get ideas. However, you also want to make yourself stand out, so if they are looking for someone who is hardworking, reliable and an excellent communicator, you need to explain why you have those qualities, and give them an example of how hard you work, how reliable you are, and a time when you have had to communicate well.

But you can also add something that makes you stand out - maybe you think you will be more passionate or committed, maybe you have particularly relevant experience, maybe you think you would be a really good cultural fit, maybe the job means more to you for personal reasons etc. Don't worry about being repetative, see it more as a chance to summarise quickly all the reasons you've given them so far. Also stress how enthusiastic you are about the job, and the company, and how much the opportunity would mean to you. Every employer wants people who want to work for them and want to be part of their team


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