Thinking of Turning to Sex Work to pay tuition

This is going to be a fairly long post, so bare with me. I'm currently a 5th year senior at my university. I was anticipating graduation in December of 2015 but some unexpected things took place and I'm going to have to finish out the full 5th year. Over the summer I was given an opportunity of working at a nonprofit in DC for 35 hours a week. I used this money to pay for my summer classes to ensure that i was on track to graduate in Dec. My ebill was about 3,000 and when I was down to the last $1,000, my job completely cut my hours, due to the CEO's wife's insecurity of me working there. (he had infidelity issues in the past). So the boss right over me "promised" to give me $1,000 to help with some of my other expenses. Still hasn't happened. During that time, being 1,000 miles away from home, my apartment complex swore that they never received my last months rent. They NEVER contacted me (by phone, by e-mail, nothing) They apparently were sending notices to the house and my so called "friend" and roommate never notified me about an eviction notice either. (I got to the apartments a day before my lease was up and the b*tch had ALL of my belongings packed up, so that explained why she never said a word) Anyway, so at that point I had been evicted, I had a financial hold on my school account, and to make matters worse my financial aid came in and I given bare minimum since it's my 5th year. I didn't have any money saved from the summer, I had nowhere to live, and I couldn't finish registering for my classes to finish out my last semester. I sold a bunch of my things and got enough money for a deposit and a couple months rent. I decided to come back to school even if it meant staying longer, and working to pay my bills and pay the hold off. It's been a couple of weeks, and I still have no job. Last week my shitty car finally gave out so I've been relying on small town public transit and friends to get around. My family can't help me and I need money immediately. I've been looking into webcamming and I signed up for a couple of Sugar Daddy accounts online. I was wondering if any girls on here have any advice. And before anyone judges me, I feel i have no other choice. I can't work minimum wage and survive. I just want to finish school and move on with my life. 

Doing that stuff on those sites is most likely going to follow you around and will most likely harm your chances at getting a good job once you graduate.  Just a thought...

I agree with "brandneweyes00"'s not a good idea.
I mean if you live in a small town and someone sees you doing your thing on webcam you'll never live it down and every sleaze will be hitting on you. It's not gonna do your job prospects any good either.
I know you said you feel like you've got no choice, but seriously, think about the consequences. Is the risk worth it?

Do I feel like it's worth the risk when I don't have money to eat, pay my bills, pay tuition/book fees, or for anything else I need to live? Hmmm, yes. I just feel like I've struggled through school this entire time and I need to do this or I'm going to have to drop out. 

What about financial aid?

In my post I said I barely got any aid. I've used it all.

Peace Sister Gurl!!!!

 You are the love. You are the light. You are the peace, and You are the joy. Their is no need for you to barter your beautiful presence for money. If you are hungry and seeking food google the local co ops in your area and you can work for food and have a community of people like you to speak with and relate to. Also on craigslist you can barter to stay at someones home in exchange for services ( like walking dog or cooking).

You are Beautiful.

I'm sorry to hear what you're going through. I can't imagine the pain and burden that you're carrying. You are strong to have gone this far. You're smart and beautiful. You don't have to sell your body. Take baby steps.

Now, five months after your original post, you should post an update about what you did to get through this. It would help others facing your situation, and it isn't unusual for people our age to face financial crisis. What matters is how we get through it. I didn't see your posting until now, so I won't otherwise comment, knowing that my Feb 2016 advice wouldn't help your Sept 2015 self.

I'm sorry that you are going through a very difficult time right now.? Believe me, I understand how you feel.? When I was in college, I was going through a rough patch as well for a little bit.? I even considered sleeping with men for money just to get a little food on the table.? But believe me when I say this that it may seem worth it now but it isn't.? This isn't the way to go, and you would eventually hate yourself for it.? Here's what I would do in your situation, and heck I even did it myself. Look on craigslist and see if maybe you can pay very little just to sleep on someones couch, etc, or if you have any friends at your college, maybe they would let you crash at their place for a bit?? Cant you get a part time job?? Apply to every job possible.? There is always someone out there looking to hire someone, remember that.? Apply for food stamps or go to one of those food areas where they would actually give you free food for a week.? I know it's not ideal but it's better than nothing.? All of these obstacles you're facing now are not going to last forever, and at the end of all of this it will make you stronger.? You'll be fine.? ​;;

There is There are people who will donate. There is no need to use your body to earn money. Try finding a job on campus? Apply for jobs! Get involved ~ Don't do something that you feel like you had to do because you had no money. Have some self-worth !


I haven't logged on here for quite sometime, but you're still going to get this read months later. First of all "self worth" is just about that...SELF. My worth doesn't diminish if I choose to be a sex worker to be able to put food on my fucking table. You've got some nerve. "Don't do something you feel like you had to do because you had no money" ......that made sense to you when you typed it out? L.M.F.A.O!!!! Peopled need?money to live. If money weren't a neccessity people wouldn't be out here doing whatever it takes to make a living by any means necessary. Think before you speak next time.?



Respect sex workers, they really do work hard despite the weird stigma around it. You do you, just do it carefully. Sex workers are at a lot of risk, and that's all the more reason to respect them. Other than the pbvious reason that they're?human beings.

Has it worked out for you, if you went through with it?


SPEAK ON IT! These people sound ridiculous. gofundme...sleep on a friends couch? I'm sure if those were options you wouldn't have been considering sugaring. I also thought it was cute that they kept mentioning how "beautiful" you are. What the fuck was that about? Do these people equate sex workers to people with low self esteem? It's so funny that people will be adamant about women having rights but then as soon as using your body for capital is mentioned, we're back in the 1950s. Girl bye.



Waterbaby: I ended up not going through with it simply because I'd like to be a professor at some point and was too worried about it coming back to bite me in the ass, which is fucked up. Men can watch these things in secrecy to get their little rocks off, but the women that are working their asses off get a bunch of stigma. How wonderful is patriarchy? I came up on about 2,000 dollars to live off of for the semester, and I ended up staying at school until May 2016. I still haven't finished my degree due to everything though. I would've definitely started sugaring, but I ended up falling in love with someone and I couldn't go through with?it. He's helped me alot though.

Wanderlust21: GIRLAH?!!!!?I deadass overestimated the women on this site. Lol they're clearly not as "woke" as I thought.?


This thread is a MESS. I'm seing some very, very disappointing replies. But I truly hope things get better for you @noelann. <3

Yeah i definitely won't recommend doing something like that.


and this post is over a year old so your "recommendation" means nothing to me. 🤗


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