Life going down hill?
Hi people, My life is absolutly horrific. I'm really crazy, like once a I wore black and purple tights, and a black tutu. Another time I wore a plastic duck on my head all day, another time I wore huge nerd glasses. I want to get my eyebrow pierced, but me being 12, it's like not LEGAL or whatever. My mom won't let me either. I wanted to make a fake eyebrow piercing with 2 little metal balls/beads and blue 'em to my eyebrow, but no! Hahaha. Every girl in my grade dresses the same. There is the "still dresses like a 6 year old" group, the "I'm a prissy skirt wearing girl" group, and they "I dress like a guy" group. To all my guy friends, I was always concitered one of the guys, but I won't DRESS like one. But I hate shirts and dresses, and I would never be a popular bitch like that. So I made up my own style, it's crazy and awesome. Other girls don;t think so, they all think I'm a freak, and most of em hate me. The entire 8th grade hates me also. i like this guy, and i think he likes me, but IDK, What do I do?
one day you will be out of school and laugh at all this. believe me, I am, and do. did you ever read about the New York club kids of the 1980s? aside from massive drug use and one of them killing somebody, they made up their own style and were the coolest people in New York, on the covers of magazines in their crazy costumes. they had a guy in a chicken suit in their clique. everybody wanted to be them. and look at Lady Gaga. having your own style is cool. they WISH they were as confident as you. most people at that age are afraid to be a nonconformist. you stand out as you should. btw I just read about a teen fashion blogger in a magazine
Lol yea, and I gunk the guy I like likes me!

RE: starryphoenix, I don't know if you'll see this since this is a 6 year old thread, but I'm laughing right now. I'm 17 now, almost 18, and I was 11 when i wrote this.. I wrote so many ridiculous things .. Looking back i realize I was defining my own style, as I am goth now and have been for some time, but oh boy was I a mess of an 11 year old


Wow, your situation does sound complex :D
No pressure, time flies and it will take care of everything


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