How to start a successful business?

I want to open my own clothing shop in future so which tips will be the most useful for me? And is that true that start a business can only rich people?

No, you shouldn't be very rich for starting a business but having a start capital is an important thing because you'll need to spen much money on your property, employers, production etc. First of all, you should define and evaluate your goals carefully, also make a plan for what you want get in the end. Having knowledge about necessary business tools and your certain sphere is very important too, especially about competition, your possible customers and chances for getting good profit from what you make :) Partners are necessary thing too so try to make useful connections for your company, especially among the professionals. Try to sell firstly your production for knowing your later perspectives, also be ready that all this business thing will take from you really much patience and energy. Inventory management? is necessary in this case too because it's basis for effective control of all your companie's processes and getting good profit as a result. And advertising of course, various SEO tools, your own website etc. will be your obligatory things too.
That's the basic tips in general but of course there's much more details and you'll anyway need help from business specialists.


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