Escort Experiences?

(you don't have to have been an escort to answer, if you have knowledge to share I'd love to read it!)
Hi guys, I am greatly considering signing to an escort agency, just to be clear I am not being pressured or forced. This is something I've just wanted to do. I would like to know:
If you have been/ are an escort, how long has that been your occupation?
What do you think I should know/ wish you had known before starting?
Any tips? Do's and Don't?
Any stories?
Are clients respectful, do agencies protect you, how are boundaries declared?
I live in the UK, if you have any UK agency recommendations that would help?
On the other hand, do any of you think being a self-employed escort is better?
Any tips on building a profile/advert for yourself?
Also if you could sum up a "day/week in the life of an escort" that would help as I probably don't know as much as I should.
Thank you!


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