Reduced Debt

I'm usually rather good with money but life recently happened. I'm deeper in credit card debt than I care to admit to. I'm trying to make many small payments a month but haven't been able to pay it off in full yet-this has been a problem since September. I have a job but it's commission based and am looking for a second. What are some suggestions to get it down? My limit is? $1,000 and am roughly at $900. I would like to be at? $100 by the end of the month. I already cash in scrap metal.

i'd just try to not use the credit card any more.? ?figure out what you NEED to live on and take that out of your check put it in an envelope with a title on it "food"? "gas" ect... and don't use it for anything but that then use whats left for your credit card bills


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