SO it's like 2am where I am now and I have a job interview at 10am for a job I really regret applying for - not to mention my major social anxiety that makes me sick thinking about the interview itself. I really want to cancel because I'm not sure I want the job anymore. I'm contemplating whether to wake up at 6 and email her saying how I've been accepted to another job or something, and hope she gets the email when she wakes up - or to call her at like 7 and explain in my awkwardness (which I'm not keen on at all because I hate talking on the phone) I don't want to waste both our time if I know I don't want the job. Any suggestions??

Thankyouu x

if you haven't done anything yet... go to the interview.? ?it leaves options open, you can ask questions about the job and gives you interview experience?


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