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Hi all,

What is your opinion about direct mail marketing? I've been running a business in Toronto since 2013 and I'm extremely happy to say that everything is going pretty well.

Even though I'm getting a fair profit from my business, as a young woman entrepreneur, I should try new innovative ideas for the upliftment of my firm. That's why I opted for direct mail.

I would like to know your experiences with direct mail strategies. Are they been useful? Did they made any impact or visible changes in your business? Is it wise to adopt such strategies in this digital era?

What was the response of youth customers? I would like to attract younger customers towards my business. That's why I stressed my query on youths. Anyways, please share me your opinions with direct mailing.

I'm eager to listen to you. I'm planning to approach a direct mail processing company in the GTA. I would also like to know your opinions regarding this service provider. Any comments or suggestions regarding this matter are always welcome. Thanks in advance. ?


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