Someone wants me to send him nudes

Someone ended up DMing me on Instagram, he said he just wanted to talk. I replied, and we sent a few messages back and forth, keeping things nonpersonal. He said he was 19 and I am 15. ?Eventually he asked for a picture of me (not a nude), which I said no to. He was okay with that, but we stopped talking for a few days. This morning I checked my Instagram again, and he had DMed me again, saying only "hey". I replied with hello and he asked to talk. When I asked him what about, he replied only with "nudes". I told him no, because I know it's illegal, and I am uncomfortable with it. However, now I am doubting myself. I feel bad because he seemed disappointed with that, and I hate to see people upset. I know I did the right thing, and the smart thing, but I am worried I am going to doubt myself so much, I will give in and send him pictures. I tend to talk myself into things to make other people happy, and I need help to insure that I will not this time. Does anybody have advice to stopping myself from sending these pictures?

That is a problem !. You know that not sending them is the right thing to do, and you know that sending them is illegal. Yet your desire to please someone who you've never seen and never met will probably win out ? ?I would separate the problem away from this one example and think of the difficulties this will cause you in later life if you persist with this attitude. Someone you really like is very upset that they can't afford the $10,000 watch in the jewellers window. You know it's illegal to smash the window and steal the watch for know not doing it is the right thing to do....but you'll talk yourself into doing it because the pain of seeing your friend upset is more than you can bear.

Is there not a possibility that by doing wrong and illegal things you'll also upset some other people...maybe family members ?
By all means talk yourself into doing wrong and illegal things....but it won't be long before the consequences of acting like that come back to bite you, and you'll then start to talk yourself into not behaving so foolishly in future.?

Don't feel guilty. He has no right to ask for nudes from anyone especially not a 15 year old he has never met.

And you could end up making other people upset by doing that, like your parents and eventually even that guy when he ends up in court for it.

I wouldn't message him back if I were you...Your body is your business, and no one has a right to see it except you and the people you want to see it. This guy is probably just one of those image collectors who will spread it all over the web, maybe with your contact info. It's happened to a couple of my friends. They end up getting harassed, and it just sucks...the solution is not to send nudes in the first place, and to avoid pervs who ask for them whenever possible.

You did the right thing, do NEVER send nude pictures.
Better you stop the conversation with him.

who cares if he's disappointed?? Don't feel bad at all.? The guy is nothing but a douche who just wants to see nudes, that's it.

He continued to DM me. I recently blocked him and other accounts because he made a few after I blocked him on the first one. Thank you for the responses, they have calmed me down. : )


Good job girl I am proud of you, you did the right thing :)

If you wish to send him nudes , do not show your face so if he shows your vagina or boobs picture to his friends no one knows this is your vagina or your tits. It could be anyone vagina ?. But if you do not know the guy, just do not send any picture

You did the right thing, girl!! DO NOT FALL for those jerks who have one thing on their minds. He has absolutely nothing to lose but you have everything to lose. You don't need to throw away your security, dignity or self respect to please some guy who is just going to move on to the next gullable girl and do the same thing. These guys are just out collecting pics for their personal stash. More than likely you'll end up seeing those pics showing up online where everyone can see them and you'll never be free of them. Once it's online it's forever. You should NEVER feel bad because you think you let someone down. Trust me, HE does not have your best interests at heart, so don't sweat and question yourself in the mistaken belief that you're doing him a bad turn. I know how you feel about feeling guilty. I used to be the same way. I always wanted to make people happy. But unfortunately we don't live in a perfect world where you can trust people to do the right thing. I cannot stress this enough, this guy is SCUM! Forget he exists. You've got a good head on your shoulders, keep it and don't let people like that mess it up for you.

When you really think of sending your less-clothes pictures, talk with your mom or anybody about that. I sure that these guy have over 40 years old.



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