Boob size??

Hey guys,?
My family friend was asking me the other day if her boobs were the 'right size' for her age. Naturally i told her that everyone is different and we should all love our bodies. But it got me thinking and i thought i should ask it on Gurl.
So she's 13 and 12 B
I can't remeber what cup size i was at that age!

You're correct that it's hard to set a "normal" or "average" at any age since each person is different plus each person grows or matures differently.

You're both from NZ or AU?? I see a 12B size is often equivalent to roughly a 34B, 34C, or 36 size in the UK & US

I saw that the average boob/bra size for females is 14C. In comparison, the average US/UK size is 34DD or a lower end 36

Point here is she's likely average or above average at the age of 13.

Yet again, as you say, she should love her body whether her boobs are smaller, average, or above average.

Yes, you are right about the fact that all girls are different. But, to put you friend at ease, most girls at my school are A or B cups and are 12 and 13. Me, i'm a D cup at the age of 12 and it's?terrible.?You pretty much have to wear a bra while running, jumping, or even going up the stairs haha. Be lucky for small boobs 🙂

There's definitely no right size but I can sympathize with worrying about my boobs being too small. I was real self conscious about mine being too small when I was younger and never wanted to let guys see them when we were being intimate. Until a boyfriend my freshman year told me he preferred smaller ones it never occured to me that not all guys like huuuge melons. They ended up growing a little bit anyway and I wear a 32B instead of a 32A now but I'd still be comfortable with them anyway. I hope this helps.

Thanks all, much appreciated.?

Im happy being a B.? There are sometimes were I would like to be bigger but I hear stories like Angels and that doesnt sound fun plus im sure you get creepy guys looking at you alot :/

I am a B too and 13 nearly 14?

I"m an 32 B. Whereas my older sisters were C and even D when the were my age.? Everyone's body is different :)


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