okay so I kinda have a feeling that this girl might be bi or lesbian. She seems like she's trying to get my attention. She stares at me when I'm not looking. I caught her once staring at me with a small smile on her face and then she looked away when I caught her. She touches me when she's close to me or just walking by. She could be beside me and just touch my back or kinda bump into me then say "sorry". I'm very confused because I'm starting to have a crush on her. I currently have a crush on a guy, a major one. I'm still on the stage of do I wanna be her friend, or date her. I think I would be comfortable with dating her. We both are 15 and this is my first time being in her class. She never talks to me though, she talks to my friend when she's beside me and then ignores me. She always does this, talks to my friend when she's with me and then walks past me. I've been googling "how do girls flirt with girls" and "how to know if she's bi", so far I've found out lesbians "wear vans and have very short nails", well she wears vans sneakers and she has very short nails. My nails are medium, half a cm long maybe and I saw her staring at my nails before, idk why but she was. Also we follow each other on Instagram and I always see her liking pictures of girls. Always.?

I want to talk to her but she always talks to these two other guys in our table group so I can't talk to her unless they aren't talking but there isn't anything to talk about. She is my first girl crush so I am very confused and a bit worried and scared. What should I do to start a friendship if we only see each other for an hour everyday. I really need help😩


I wear vans...I'm not a lesbian.? I wouldn't go looking on the internet for what makes someone a lesbian or not...not everyone can be labeled the same.
You just need to talk to her, get to know her.

It is very common and totally fine to feel this way. you cant really put her into a bisexual page without getting to know her.?


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