How to talk/be friends with my crush??

Okay, so I'm a freshman and my crush is in my history and Math classes and in my math class he literally sits right next to me now (because my math teacher is awesome c:). I just don't know how to go about talking to him? He definitely knows I exist considering he looks at me sometimes xD. (I don't think he 'likes' me though..) In my history class the desks are split between boys and girls and facing towards each other so we're facing each other (but he's still really far). I'm good with making friends I guess, but I find it hard to make friends with a guy after I start liking him. Helpppp!

Omg sorry this is so long :c!

I guess you have to be yourself and be more?open him and if he likes you, great! If he doesn't, oh well. If he gets the chance to know who you really are then you have a great chance of him liking you. But remember don't change anything about yourself for him. Be true to yourself!

Oh btw the?post you typed is not a long?post at all!

Yeah! I really hope he isn't weirded out by me...

No he won't! When he finds out who you really are he will probably fall head over heels for you! Good Luck!


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