Boy crushes

I get along with everyone in my class, even the boys. But there is one boy which i am friends with, and we laugh and joke around sometimes. I like him, as a friend and i would definitely not have a crush on him at all. The past week i have notice he has been taking more interest in me and talking to me a bit more. Before he wouldn't had listened to me like making eye contact or taking interest in the conversation. But now he is suddenly talking to me more and making a bigger effort to talk to me when before it was me starting the converstaion. I suddenly am begining to think he may have a crush on me but i don't feel the same way. Am i being overdramatic about this? Thanks for your help.


I think since he is paying way more attention to you and just generally taking more interest, I think he has a crush on you.?

I know this boy he so funny but he like?someone else?what should I do???

I think I know what you mean there a boy who like me but he also is with?this girl who not going to be at the high?school. ??


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