Mixed signals not sure about her.

So there is this girl at my school. Several times I have caught her looking at me, I wouldn't look away straight away. We would kind of keep looking at each other. Durning my exams she was sitting right across from me. She kept looking in my direction and sneaking glances durning the test. I know that she was not copying me because she was too far away from me to do that and she is quite smart. Before that I saw this picture on instagram where she was looking at me, I think, with a smile on her face. At the time I didn't know that she was looking at me. I don't know if she is bi-sexual or anything. She is one of those popular girls that go to all the discos and stuff. In our school being gay or bi-sexal is sort of looked down upon. Please help!!

Hiya I was just wondering if you ever sorted things out with that Girl?
Angie XX

Actually nothing happened. I didn't have the strenght to go up to her. We live competely different lives and we certainly don't run in the same groups.?


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