asking mom to shave help plz!!

i think i need to start shaving and im 1 week till im 12 and y leg hair is like half a inch long and i dont know what to say or do my pits have half a inch to i dont know what to do plz help!

Okay, I would recommend just shaving under your arms for the meantime as for your legs give yourself a few years. I have found since that I have started shaving, the hair on my legs grows back a lot faster and anyway at the age of twelve your hair should be lighter. Perhaps start at 15 or 16?

my experience was: i just told my mom i needed to start.. you need to be honest

Yea you just need to be honest, I started shaving in the 4th grade because we had a school event outside and they made us wear shorts so I was really self conscious about my hairy legs but just straight up told her if I can do it and they should understand but just start shaving your armpits since she's not going to be visibly seing them

Your mom will understand. The answer is always no until you ask. Oh, and the t hi g about hair growing thicker ?after you shave, not true. It just looks thicker cause you haven't seen it in a while. As for armpit shaving, I waited longer cause when you shave peach fuzz, the light thin hair all over, that will make it grow into actual hair. Wait until it is dark and longer. Just tell your mom you feel ready and self conscious about the hair, and it will be fine. Good luck.


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