Boobs size at 14/15?

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ninjaturtle2001:I am 14 and a 34B. I mean all boob sizes are normal everyone is different so don't worry about it. I know girls who are like 18+ who have even smaller boobs than me so don't stress about how "normal" it is. And you are only 15 (I'm guessing that's how old from the question) your boobs aren't even done growing.?

and you can always get a push up bra if you really feel that insecure about how small they are :p (my mom's are pretty small and all she wears is push up bras lol)

I just turned 14 and im a 32b.

I started wearing a bra at age 12 and was a 32 A, I'm now 16 I'm probably just around a B.?

At 14 I was a 30AA, I was and still am a late bloomer, now at 16 am 32A.

At 14-15 I was as flat chested as a wooden plank, now I'm nearly 17 anda B cup

My boobs haven't grown since I was 14.

hi im kiwi and im 12 and im a 30C dont wory my whole family have ig boobs so dont be put down if u have bi or small boobs ur perfect just the way u r

im 14 and i have a 32C

At 14 l was a34A/B depending on which brand of bra, hit a growth spurt and was and just fitted a 34B when l turned 15. l'm nearly 17 now and a 34C

14 and A cups

14 and barely a B cup now.

Am Still 32A @ 16 yo. Boob size tend to run in families My Mum, Aunts and Nan are Bs / Cs. I just want to be a "C" at the most.
Good thing come in small packages :) ?XX


I'm the same

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