What should i do/do you think he likes me?

omg, today we had a field trip to a french restaraunt with my schools french club and my friend "we'll call her T" decided to ride to the place with her mom so i was by myself on the school bus and this guy(we'll call him N)(he is friends with T also) asked if he could sit with me since i was the only person he knew(we used to be in honors and french classes together) and of course i said sure. Then we got there and me, T, N, and T's mom were all gonna sit together but there were no four person tables so T sat with her mom and i had to sit with N. It was so awkward for like half an hour. Then he asked me about if i perfer the city to where we live? (i said yes) and we were talking and we are both city people, and he starting nameing bands he likes (MCR, Citizen, Pierce The Veil, and some other) and we just had  so much in common. Then we were leaving and we had time so this teacher let us walking around some thrift stores and he saw a guitar place( we had a convo, he plays guitar and i told him i have one but my dad never taught me) anyway, he asked the teacher if he could go in and the teacher said yes, and he nodded me on and told me to come so i did and i watched him try out some of the guitars and he told me to sit and he handed me a guitar and showed me how to play a C chord and UGH! That got me right there, i was in love lol. On the way back to school, he fell asleep and his head kept slamming into the window and onto me and i was kinda melting inside, this is THE FIRST TIME i ever talked to a guy for more than 5 minutes and actually had a convo, so i'm just like..... idek, He's in my algebra 2 class so any ideas, im wearing my MCR shirt tomorrow cause we talked about them lol

okay just talk to him again. get to know him better and if you can ask for his number (but not right away) dont make it obvious that you like him but be cute  and flirty. don't think to much just do. its gonna be scary at first. good luck! :)


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