Should I tell my mom we'll be home alone?

 Ashlyn (16) and I (15) are distant cousins and she's one of my best friends. She's out of school thursday, so she invited me to come over after school wednesday and spend the night with her. She got a call today and her dad (she lives with her dad) will be out of town so she'll be staying by herself that night. She wants me to come over so she doesn't have to be alone. But we're not sure my mom will let us.
 Should I tell her that Ashlyn and I will be home alone all night/day or just not tell her?

Would it make a difference? If youre worried about it though, yea you should let your mum know

I told her, she didn't have a problem with it. (I'm a Goodgirl. I don't ever want to harm my spotless reputation lol) I don't want her to think we were sneaking out or something

whats wrong with that? why are you worried? why do you need to tell your mom? sneaking out where? I dont understand. We all do that all the time.

We're strict religious folk. And we live in a place where people gossip and make mountains out of mole hills. Just wondering.


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