Opinions on Guys;Player vs. Younger Guy; Is it right to like them?

Ok, I know, I'm too young to date. I'm the only one of my group of friends that has not had a boyfriend yet... Now there is this guy I have liked since 6th grade, let's call him....... Mason (Not his real name). 

Mason was in my sixth grade class and was known as kinda of nerdy, he had glasses and a buzz cutt and always got Straight A's. Then Mason pulled out in 7th grade, and came back this year (8th grade) and he has solid black hair with like a flare to it, Beautiful Bright Green eyes. He wears contacts now and he is known as one of the populars. 

So, I have liked him sense he was 'nerdy' and all but yeah.

Ever sense he has become popular, he had become a complete player, I mean complete player. New girlfriend every week, and he asked out one of my childhood friends, 'Jessica' right in front of me in Art2D. 

So yeah, complete player. 

I'm pretty sure he knows I like him.

So, yeah.

But then all of a sudden mid year this year, my band was put together with another band to make one big band. I play Bass Clarinet with 'Wyatt' this one friend of 'Mason'. So, we were put in a class with some 7th graders.

'Wyatt' and I sit in the very back of 5 rows and 'Billy' sits infront of me. He plays trumpet. He has Blonde hair and Blue eyes and just... really hot. But he is really childish, 'Wyatt' and 'Billy' through things at eachother and say stuff like really wierd things about turtles and what not, So he is very childish.

And he's younger..... by 3 months. I know not much of a differnece, but still.

SO yeah, I like them both like ALOT! But, I don't know, I just want to know your opinion, is it right to like them?

I just want to know, is it right to like them, and based on the info, who do you like better? I just want to know.

of course its ok to like them. you can like anyone you want to.
id stay away from the player though. hes just like found himself to be popular and is taking advantage of it, so yea...id give him a miss if i were you.
3 months isnt much difference but girls mature mentally a lot faster than guys and it sounds like the childish one hasnt even started to mature yet, so its up to you whether you think you can put up with his immaturity.

From what you say, both of them are immature and demonstrating how guys that age would behave.
In any case you need to make up your mind as to what you want. Is it just fun or are you looking for a deep meaningful relationship.
Let me tell you  and sorry to disappoint you, you will not have a deep meaningful relationship with guys our age.
Just have fun, dont get too hooked on him being loyal to you and just enjoy his company.
I wouldnt be worried about him being a player. Why should that bother you if you are just in it for the fun of it.
See this is the problem with us girls. We put too much thought into such things. You may not like this "player" guy at all, once you start going out with him. He may not have 2 brain cells( like guys that age usually are severely dumb!!  LOL) and how do you know that he likes you in the first place? Just your assumption!!
Heart of hearts, you like the "player" guy because he is going to be "hard to pin down" The 'thrill of the chase' as they call it.
First, be very open minded about it. Dont put all your expectations and then feel disappointed and blame him or call him a jerk. If this doesn't work out then you will be equally to blame for having high expectations.
Look, life is fun. Dont make things too serious. You are young and will have many opportunities. This relationship, however deep the hook up is going to be, is very likely going to end up being a memory and nothing long term but a sweet memory. Sorry to disappoint you but to me all guys my age ( early to mid teens) are just idiots. I have never had time for them. I have many as FRIENDS and they stay just that way. My bf is a mature older guy and I love that influence. No mind games and just great to deal with. Kind, intelligent, accomplised, mature and very caring and sensitive. Just what I want in a relationship. Also, the sex is awesum...lol


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