Nervous about my first period.

I am 12 years old and haven't started my periods yet but I think I am going to start them soon, I have been getting some of the signs that they will come soon. I have started craving foods (mostly chocolate and cucumber), I et grumpy quite easily and I am going through a few more phisical changes (boobs growing, hair on underarms and "other parts"). I am getting a bit nervous and if you have any advice you can give me I will be really grateful! Thanks!! :)

Don't be nervous! This is something every girl goes through! If you think you are going to start soon, ask your parents to by you pads, and always keep some with you, so if you do start, you'll be prepared. :)

I started mine just before I turned 11 and I am almost 12 now and I really freaked out but ask your parents to get you some liners and pads and wear them just incase you get it un-expectedly like at school or just out-and-about the world and everything should be alright.

All girls get periods so don't be nervous. Also just in case I would always keep a few pads with me wherever I go. I got my period soon after I turned 12

As others have said, honestly there's really nothing to be nervous about! Your first period is literally nothing more than some spots of blood, it won't be a big waterfall of blood. Make sure you tell your mom asap so she can help you out with pads/tampons. And when you do eventually get it, remember that hot water bottles, bubble baths and chocolate are your best friends ;) Good luck hun xox

I had my periods when I was like 12.5 years old:)It started with an irritating feeling in my tummy and my parents thought that it had something to do with my lunch but it wasn't of course.Be brave and understand it's all a part of our lives (though i must say it's a bit unfair when it comes to body pain)
<3 U

I agree with everyone saying get pads beforehand, it'll make you a lot less freaked out when it actually happens, and carry them with you if you're nervous. Periods aren't really as big a deal as everyone makes them out to be. It takes a little getting used to at first but I've been getting mine since I was 11 and I'm 17 now, and at this point they're basically just a mild annoyance. The biggest things I've learned that help are if you have cramps painkillers and heating pads are your best friends and pads come in a lot of different lengths and kinds so don't worry if something isn't working for you, just try a different kind. When I first got my period, I was using normal pads and, to put it delicately, it wasn't covering enough, so I switched to using longer ones and they worked so much better. Also, you'll probably be really irregular at first and that's totally normal, but after a while you'll start noticing signs that your period is coming, like I always break out right before my period.

Sorry if this was like way tmi but long story short don't be worried, you'll figure it all out, it's not that scary it's mostly just a little annoying

If you think it will come soon just keep some pads on you at all times. Its really embarassing when ypu dont have any and have to wait in the bathroom while your mum runs to the store. Also watch for other signs, for me my back hurts for a while before I get my period. Its actually kind of convenient. 

Don't be nervous when i started feeling the signs i told my mom and she said to wear a pad (they were thin ones in a green pack by always) just prepair yourself and you should be alright and get everything you would need...

2)heating pad
3)ginger ale
4)2 packs of pads
5) all the  foods you might crave{chocolate,cucumbers,candy,beef,pork,etc}
6)tell people not to bother you if you know you will be grumply and mean{me! lol}

hope this helped. 

jlee16:If you think it will come soon just keep some pads on you at all times. Its really embarassing when ypu dont have any and have to wait in the bathroom while your mum runs to the store. Also watch for other signs, for me my back hurts for a while before I get my period. Its actually kind of convenient.  

That's weird but for me my stomache will rumble and gas will just pop out, but at least its at night time right..that would be embarassing 

Get a tampon and plug that shit up! Blood is going to be gushing out of your kutty kat like a fire hydrant! You're going to stain your panties regularly! In class if you sit down it will bleed through your pants! You're going to eat so much you'll gain 10 pounds ! And your kutty kat will smell like something died. 

omgosh im starting mine soon

Hurts like heck, so make sure to have some form of pain meds on hand. Start with pads, if you go swimming or w/e use a tampon but be careful with it. Keep hydrated, and nap when you can. Best of luck!

Don't be nervous, and I have something funny to tell you that's pretty true. You hear most people say they got their period when they least expected it. I'm 13 now and got mine like a month before I turned 13 and I was like there's no way my period is going to catch me off guard I'm so anxious it can't! So I began to give up hope becaus ei wanted my period so badly when I'm 12 and a month before I'm 13 nothing so I gave up hope and then it was Christmas and New Years so I was so caught up in all the funa nd food and bam! Time square with my family watching the ball drop and it hits zero and a pian rushes up in me and I'm like did the ball really hit that hard then it happens again and again and I realises its cramps and I feel like a liquid coming out my vagina but it's almost like pee but I knew it wasn't because I couldn't hold it back or stop it and I turn to my mom and beg her for some Tylenol and bam I had my period when I least expected it and I was 12 haha. So you may not feel cramps om your first period though that's what makes it so unexpected no PMS nothing so yeah don't worry! I freak out aloth though sometime si miss my period for two months since I'm just starting and I think I'm pregnant although I well know I'm a virgin and have no relationship status or been fooling around with a guy. Silly me so enjoy life and it will be a shocker when you get it. Good luck:D

I am also 12 and haven't started my period yet. I just don't know when to expect it! I was adopted as and egg, so I never met my biological mother, and I don't know when her period started, so I am so terrified!

Don't worry girls. I got mine at 13 you might not notice you've got it until you see it. Getting pain is rare when you're young. And there's not a lot of blood at the start. Pads are easy to use.

Don't be nervous, girl! There's nothing to be nervous about :).?
I had my first period when I was 11 and it was while I was in school. I didn't know I would be getting my period that day so I was unprepared and my friends had to take care of me xD.
My advice for you is.. ALWAYS BE PREPARED. You never know when you will get your period :)!?

Carry pads and tampons everywhere with you.

Im really worried that i wont ever get my period for some reason :( im nealy 12 and havent got it yet :(

As a lot of others said - don't be nervous! It's really no big deal. From my own experience your flow will be really light ad barely noticeable for the first couple times. I don't know if this is a problem for you but let me just say you can still do anything you could before. I foolishly thought my life was over, cried and everything. :)

Okay, so it is definitely something weird and awkward, but don't freak out. The best thing to do is just have a bunch of stuff wherever you go, cause it can help a friend too. The first time I had mine I had little blood and no cramps, and I still haven't had any cramps after a few months of them, but this might not be the case for you. The first few times, you will be super worried on bleeding through clothes, but if your first sign of blood is super small, it probably won't. I think one of the biggest things is do not be afraid of tampons. All you have to do is find where you put it in(use the blood as an indicator) hold on to the flatter part, push in a bit, and push on the end thingy. It makes life so much easier. And one thing I usually see before I get mine is I will have lots of white discharge, so that could help you a bit if your body is that way. Anyways, good luck.

Don't be nervous. Be prepared. Good Luck !

Oh wow, you have nothing to worry about, this is just a normal thing of life. Every girl goes through a time in her life where she feel like this! Good Luck!

Def been there. Worrying is perfectly normal, but just know you have nothing to worry about. It will happen when it happens. Just know you are not alone and eventually it will just be a natural occurrence. Hang in there, and know your mom/Older sis/friends have been where you are at one point and should be able to help if needed

I've had my period, and some advice I have is if you have cramps, use a heating pad (or if you don't have one, put a wash cloth under some warm water and ring it out, it works just as good.) Exercise helps with cramps too. If your feeling irritable a lot Pamprin might help (it also can help with cramps and other problems too.) If you get some blood on your under garments, just put them under some water and it does sometimes help get the blood out so that it isn't a big problem when you put them in the dryer. If your in public and that happens, just tie a jacket around your waist to hide it.?
And another thing I have to say is, after your first period, it pretty much becomes nothing (other than a burden at times.)

My first period was actually pretty heavy, and lasted for about five or six days. It came in the night, I just woke up and there it was. Just make sure you keep some pads in the bathroom, and one or two in your bag. That will make things so much easier!


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